Cinemax is one of the popular premium channels in America. You can watch tons of hit movies, original series, TV shows, and many more through Cinemax. It is the perfect destination to stream live TV and thousands of on-demand content. The only drawback is there is no standalone app for Cinemax made available. Yet, you can get Cinemax for Roku with some alternative ways. With no further delay, get into the below section to know them, and watch Cinemax on Roku.

Cinemax on Roku


Cinemax has many useful features. They are:

  • Get access to different genres of content, namely action, comedy, drama, and lots more.
  • It offers family-friendly content that allows you to stream along with your family.
  • You can watch shows or films from new releases to the classics.
  • It helps you to binge-watch all the seasons of your favorite show or series.

What’s on Cinemax

Some of the popular content of Cinemax are as follows.

  • New movies, like Fighter, The Hunt, 8 Mile, Stuber, Gamer, etc.
  • Popular series includes Hunted, Outcast, Warrior, The Knick, CB Strike, and so on.
  • The classic films, namely Sling Blade, Rounders, Wildcats, and many more.

How to Watch Cinemax on Roku?

Though Cinemax is not available on Roku, you can enjoy its service on your device. It is possible with four different services. They are:

To watch Cinemax on these platforms, you should have these channels on your RokuOS and a subscription.

Cinemax App on Roku via Hulu

Watching Cinemax on Hulu is the best-ever choice. Cinemax is available on Hulu as an add-on. The cost to stream Cinemax on this service is $73.99 per month with a seven-day free trial. It supports cloud DVR space, and so you can record your favorite Cinemax shows to watch them in your leisure time. Along with Cinemax, you can enjoy almost 70+ popular channels.


Access Cinemax using AT&T TV NOW

AT&T TV NOW supports the Cinemax add-on as a part of its service. You can get Cinemax on this service at the price of $65.99 per month. It allows you to record the Cinemax content with the support of 500 hours of cloud DVR space. You can even access three different profiles with a single AT&T TV NOW account.


Use Amazon Prime Video to Stream Cinemax

Amazon Prime Video on Roku delivers excellent premium channels, including Cinemax. If you want to get Cinemax on this service, you need to pay $10 a month. Besides this, it offers a 30-day free trial. It allows you to download your favorite Cinemax shows and enjoy them offline.

Amazon Prime Video

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Cinemax on The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel is the easiest and cheapest way to stream Cinemax. With the subscription cost of $9.99 per month, you can access all the content of Cinemax on RokuOS. It provides a seven-day free trial. Watch all the original series, dramas, live TV, family movies, and more through Cinemax on The Roku Channel.

Cinemax on Roku


Can I get Cinemax on my Roku?

You can get Cinemax on Roku. It can be done using streaming services that offer Cinemax add-ons.

How much is Cinemax on Roku?

The subscription cost of Cinemax on The Roku Channel is about $9.99 per month. It is pre-paid and auto-renews monthly.

How do I get free Cinemax?

Unfortunately, you cannot get Cinemax for free. You need to pay for streaming the content of Cinemax on any compatible platforms.

What streaming service has Cinemax?

The streaming services that provide Cinemax are Hulu or Hulu with Live TV and AT&T TV NOW.