Food Network is a cooking streaming service that streams live cooking shows and popular videos. You can watch your favorite recipes, uploads, and live feeds in this cooking application. And importantly, it also allows you to save your favorite videos in your library. So that you can watch your favorite recipes whenever you wish. You can search and choose cooking shows and food networks. It can be installed and watched on your Roku devices. Read this article to know how to install Food Network on Roku.

Install Food Network on Roku

How to Add and Activate Food Network on Roku

Following are the steps to watch Food Network contents by installing it on Roku.

[1] First and foremost, turn on your Roku player. Press the Home key of your Roku remote and go to the Roku home screen.

[2] Then select the select Streaming Channels option to go to the Channel Store.

Streaming Channel

[3] Furthermore, select Search Channel. Tap on the search icon and then type in Food Network Go.

[4] A list of applications will appear on your screen. Select the Food Networks application on the list.

[5] Choose the Add Channel button on the info screen to add the channel.

[6] Now, click on the Go to Channel option to launch the application.

[7] You will now receive an activation code. Open the web browser and visit the activation site of Food Network.


[8] Now, enter the activation code you received and click Activate.

[9] You shall choose to stream any video or shows on the Food Network app.

Food Network on Roku

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Alternative Method: Watch Food Network on Roku using Roku Channel Store

[1] From your PC, visit the official website of the Roku Channel Store.

[2] Go ahead to sign in with the same Roku account as that of your Roku TV.

[3] Click the Search bar and type in as Food Network GO.

Search for Channel

[4] Choose the same when you get the search result.

Choose Food Network GO

[5] On the channel info window, click on the Add Channel button.

Add Channel button

[6] Wait for a few seconds, and you will see the Food Network channel installed notification.

[7] Now, you shall refresh your Roku TV, and you will find Food Network installed.

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The application is now successfully installed on your Roku device. Therefore these are the steps to install the Food Network application on Roku. You will be now able to watch all the live Food shows and favorite TV shows.