Childhood days of one wouldn’t have been completed without watching cartoon channels. Of all, Tom and Jerry remain the favorite of almost all. They are the best combo in this field and funny to watch. Tom and Jerry is the most loved American animated series of short films by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. They always keep fighting, but still, they cannot live without each other. If you don’t want to miss these sweet-bitter friends, go ahead to learn the procedure to watch Tom and Jerry on Roku.

Tom and Jerry on Roku

How to Sign Up and Watch Tom and Jerry on Roku

You have to first sign-up for the HBO Max app before downloading on Roku.

1. Visit the HBO Max official website from a web browser.

2. Click on Subscribe Now option and follow the sign-up instructions. HBO Max costs $14.99 per month, and you can cancel the service at any time with just short-term obligations.

3. Connect your Roku and turn on the TV.

4. Click the Search channels Option.

5. Type and search for the HBO Max.

HBO max on Roku

6. Select HBO Max from the list that appears.

7. Now, click Add channel.

8. Click OK from the pop-up menu.

9. Click on Go to Channel.

10. Now, the HBO Max app will be installed and search for Tom and Jerry.

11. You can start streaming Tom and Jerry in HBO Max on Roku.

Tom and Jerry on Roku

Alternative Ways to Stream Tom and Jerry on Roku

A few of the streaming channels that support Tom and Jerry’s shows are as follows.

Cartoon Network

It is the immensely popular channel preferred by many to stream Tom and Jerry shows. You can find Cartoon Network on Roku officially available on the Roku Store. In addition, you can use this channel to stream lots of other popular cartoons shows.

Sling TV

If you have Sling TV on Roku, you shall use it to stream the Tom and Jerry shows. It is available as a part of the Sling Orange and Blue subscription plan. In addition, you can get a Kids addon at $5 extra to stream it.


With the installation of Boomerang on Roku, you will not miss watching Tom and Jerry. The channel by Warner Bros includes a lot of other cartoon shows. It includes Looney Tunes, The Flinstones, The Smurfs, etc.


Those with Hulu on Roku can access Tom and Jerry’s shows. With the premium pack of Hulu, you will stay entertained for hours. Hulu supports lots of other live TV channels, video-on-demand titles, movies, etc.

Best VPNs for Watching Tom and Jerry on HBO Max

1. Express VPN

2. Private Internet Access

3. Cyber Ghost VPN

4. IPVanish VPN

How to Update HBO Max on Roku

1. Select HBO Max by using Roku remote but do not start the app.

2. Press the Start button on your remote.

3. Now click Check for Updates.

4. Roku will replace the HBO app with HBO Max.

Tom and Jerry on Roku


Tom and Jerry’s relationship is a kind of friendship. One of the most loved characters and favorite cartoons for everyone is Tom and Jerry. We have shown you how to watch Tom and Jerry on Roku. Hope it may be helpful for you.