Cartoon Network is an American cable television channel. It offers many video clips, TV episodes, programs, and online games. You know what the pay-TV channel is compatible on Roku TV and you can stream all the episodes. It also supports exclusive episodes and tons of video content. You can share the shows you like and this service will build a personalized video mix for you. It also allows the users to watch some full-length episodes without logon or authentication. Cartoon Network is supported on Roku devices as well and you can stream your favorite contents on your big screen. Read this article to know how to install Cartoon Network on Roku.

Install Cartoon Network on Roku


Cartoon Network is supported in the Roku devices and can be directly installed from the Roku channel store. Just make sure about the below things:

  1. Roku Device / Roku TV
  2. Cartoon Network Subscription
  3. WiFi Connectivity

Note: Connect Roku to the HDMI port of your TV and change the TV source to that particular HDMI.

How to Install Cartoon Network on Roku?

Following are the steps to install Cartoon Network on Roku devices.

[1] Turn on Roku and go to the Home Page. (Press the Home button on your remote to go to the home screen from anywhere.)

[2] Select the Streaming channels option on the home screen.

select streaming channels to install Cartoon network on Roku

[3] Under Streaming Channels, select the Search Channel option.

[4] Enter the key term Cartoon Network on the Search icon and tap enter. A few suggestions will appear, select the Cartoon Network app to land on the App overview page.

[5] Click the Add Channel option to add the channel on your Roku.

Install Cartoon Network on Roku

[6] Now click launch option to launch the application.

The app is now added to your Roku Channels list. You have to activate the app inorder to stream the content on the TV.

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How to Activate Cartoon Network on Roku?

After installing the app, activate it with the below steps:

[1] Open the installed app on your Roku.

[2] You can find an activation code. Note down the code and open the browser on your PC or phone.

[3] Now visit and enter the code you have noted down to activate the Cartoon Network channel.

[4] You have to log in to your account in order to watch the contents on your Roku TV.

On successful activation, you can stream all your favorite cartoons with this app on your Roku.

These are the steps to install and watch the Cartoon Network channel on your Roku TV. You can enjoy streaming Cartoon Network contents with a TV subscription and participating TV providers.