PBS Kids is available for free on your Roku device. You can stream your Kid’s favorite on your Roku device. This is one of the best channels to entertain your Kids. PBS Kids will be available under the kid’s category on Roku devices. You can watch this channel for free on Roku devices without any monthly fee, but you have to pay for subscription channels like Netflix, Sling TV, and so on. There is no fee for activating PBS Kids app on your Roku device, and you will not be charged for adding multiple accounts on your device.

PBS kids

How to Install PBS Kids on Roku?

PBS Kids app is available in the Channel Store. You can easily install the app on your device.

1. On your Roku home screen, select Streaming channels or Channel store which may differ as per the Roku device.

streaming channels How to Install PBS kids on Roku

2. A list of options will appear, Select the search channels option and type PBS kids.

PBS kids How to Install PBS kids on Roku

3. Select the PBS kids app and click Add Channel that appears on the right side of the screen.

4. Once the download is completed, click Ok on the pop-up.

5. Select Go to Channel.

go to channel How to Install PBS kids on Roku

After installing the app, you have to activate it to stream it on your TV.

How to Activate PBS Kids on Roku?

1. Launch the app and note the Activation code that appears on the screen.

2. Now open any browser on your PC or smartphone.

3. Visit https://kids.pbs.org/activate/.

4. Enter the activation code that is shown on Roku and click continue.

5. Now sign in with your PBS Kids username and password.

6. You will notice a confirmation pop-up on your TV, once it is activated.

Now your app is ready to stream on your TV.

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The above are the steps required to install PBS Kids on your Roku. After installing the app, you can stream the favorite shows and videos of your kids. PBS Kids has plenty of libraries for your kids. Your kids will be entertained with the libraries available on this channel. You can stream only when the app is activated on your device.

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