The cache is a temporary storage file stored on your device while you use an app or visit a website. So, whenever you revisit the same app or website, your device will use the cache files to load the content easily. If your Roku device is more than a year old, these temporary cache files will slow down the device’s performance. You need to clear the cache files on your Roku streaming device or Roku TV every once in a while.

Is it Possible to Clear Cache on Roku?

Roku streaming devices or TVs don’t have the option to clear the cache files. From this, it is evident that the Roku devices are not storing the cache files from the apps and website. But, there are some workarounds to remove the temporary files.

Is it a Good Idea to Clear Cache on Roku?

If you are using too many apps on your Roku device, it will slow down the device due to temporary files. Once the cache stored on your Roku device is cleared, you can expect good performance.

How to Clear Cache on Roku

There are two ways you can use to clear the cache files on your streaming device. They are,

  1. Clear Cache of a Specific App
  2. Clear the Cache on the Entire streaming device

Steps to Clear Cache of a Specific App on Roku

To clear the cache from a specific app, you need to delete the channel on Roku. Deleting or uninstalling the app from your Roku will remove all the data associated with the app.

1. Connect the Roku device to your TV.

2. Press the Home button from your Roku TV remote controller.

3. Select the application you want to remove the Cache from.

4. Next, press the Asterisk button (*) on your Roku remote and select the Remove Channel option from the pop-up window.

5. Now, the channel gets removed from your Roku TV.

6. Then, go to the Settings menu and choose the System option.

7. Now, click the System Restart option and choose Restart to restart the Roku.

Select Restart to Clear Cache on Roku.

8. Your Roku TV will restart. 

9. With this, the data associated with the channel, like account details, user profile, and customized settings, gets removed.

9. After that, if you wish to add the same app again, you can download the app on Roku from the Channel Store.

10. Then, you can launch the app and sign in to your account. Set all the customized settings and stream your favorites.

Steps to Clear Cache on Roku Device

To clear all the catch files, you can restart the device using the Secret Menu.

1. Connect your Roku device to your TV.

2. Touch the Home button on your Roku remote.

3. From the list of options displayed on the left pane, choose the Home option.

4. Now, perform the following commands using your Roku remote.

  • First, press the Home button (1 key) five times.
  • Next, press the Up (2 key) button one time.
  • Now, press the Rewind (3 key) button three times.
  • Then, finally, press the Fast Forward (4 key) button two times.

5. With the above process, your device will need up to 30 seconds to restart itself and clear the cache on the system.

The cache is only a temporary storage file. So, it is not necessary to keep the cache file on our Roku device. The cache is designed to speed up things for a better experience. But, too many cache files will slow down your Roku device.

Alternate Way to Clear Cache on Roku

Apart from using the Secret Menu, you can also clear the cache on Roku by factory resetting the device. When you factory reset your Roku, all the data and information stored in the device will be deleted along with the cache files. If you are going to reset the Roku, make sure to note down the apps and games installed on your device. So that you can install them again without any fuss.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Can I clear the cache on Roku using the secret menu?

No, there is no option in the Roku secret menu to clear the cache files.