Netflix, Inc. is a subscription-based streaming service and production company. It is the only streaming company that is a member of the Motion Picture Association(MPA) and Five major American film studios. It was launched by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in August 1997. The company started by selling and renting DVDs by mail and later changed to renting DVDs only. Netflix is available worldwide other than in some countries due to political restrictions. From 2007, Netflix started its streaming media and video on demand business. Netflix is available on Roku, Apple TV, and other streaming devices. Over time, users face Netflix not working on smart TV issues. If you face Netflix not working on Roku issue, you can use the following methods to solve the problem.

Netflix started to produce its own content under Netflix Originals and brought copyrights from the film studios. It was in 2013 that Netflix Originals debuted with its first series House of cards. Besides this, it also has

Ways to Solve Netflix Not Working on Roku

(1) Update Roku

Try updating your Roku device. It will update Roku OS only if there is a new version and update other apps with their newer versions available. Use the following steps to update Roku:

(1) Press Home on your Roku device.

(2) Choose Settings and select System.

(3) Select System update and choose Check Now.

Select Check now - Netflix not working on Roku

(2) Check Whether Roku Device is Connected to Your TV

It may be because you have not connected your Roku device to the TV properly, which may cause Netflix to not work on Roku. You can verify whether your Roku device is connected properly by choosing any other app other than Netflix on Roku. If the selected app works well, then there is no problem. But if the app isn’t working, there is a problem with your Roku device. So, connect your Roku device properly to your TV properly without any mistakes.

Check Connection

(3) Check if Netflix Servers Are Down

It may be possible that Netflix servers are down. You can check it by opening Netflix app on your smartphone or through the Netflix website. If it doesn’t work, that means Netflix servers are down. Wait till Netflix servers get back to running state and recheck if you can work on Netflix.

Server Issue - Netflix not working on Roku

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(4) Check Your Network Connection

It may also be because of some network connectivity issues. To check your network connectivity strength, use the following methods:

(1) Launch your Roku device and press Home on your Roku remote.

(2) Select Settings and choose Networks.

(3) Choose Check connection.

Select Check connection

(5) Restart Roku

If you want to restart your Roku device, use the following steps:

(1) Turn on your Roku device and press Home on your Roku remote.

(2) Choose Settings and select System.

(3) Select System restart and choose Restart.

Restart to Fix Netflix not working on Roku

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(6) Restart Your Modem and Router

Sometimes it may be your modem and router are at fault. If you don’t regularly reset your modem and router, many issues like IP address conflicts and small errors will build up. You can reboot your modem and router with the steps given below:

(1) Remove the power cable from your modem and router for three minutes.

(2) Turn on your modem and after three minutes, start your router.

(3) Wait for a few minutes and when the internet connection becomes active, start Roku.

Netflix is ranked both in Fortune 500 and Fortune Global 2000. If the fixes given above do not solve the problem, go to Roku Support or Netflix Support. Kindly, leave your thoughts about this article as comments.

Try Out These Fixes

  • Update your Roku app on your iOS or Android smartphone.
  • Check if your Netflix account is still active.
  • Turn off your VPN connection.
  • Check if your Roku remote is working.
  • Ensure Roku parental controls aren’t blocking Netflix content from streaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

(1) Why is my Netflix app not working on Roku?

It may be because of some issues either on your Roku device or Netflix app.

(2) Why does my Netflix app keep on glitching?

It may be because of slow or unstable internet speed that causes your Netflix app to keep on glitching.

(3) Why is Netflix not loading?

If the Netflix servers are down, it may cause the Netflix app to stop loading.