Netflix is a leading streaming service in the entertainment world. It allows you to watch TV shows, movies, documentaries, originals, and much more. You can create different profiles to keep track of your activities. There is a separate profile created for kids to ensure appropriate content for the kids. With a valid subscription, you can stream ad-free quality content. Netflix is available on almost all streaming devices, including smartphones, smart devices, smart TVs, PCs, and gaming consoles. If you are a Roku user, you can install Netflix and stream on your TV.

Netflix on Roku


Here are the features of the Netflix app:

  • Netflix gives you intelligent recommendations like Popular on Netflix, Trending Now, New Releases, etc.
  • You can create multiple profiles with a single Netflix account, and so it can be accessed by many users.
  • It allows you to easily browse for movies with their titles and add your favorites to the My List option.
  • Enjoy streaming Netflix on the stunning clarity with the supported HD quality.
  • You can access different categories of content, namely crime drama, critical movies, retro TV, etc.
  • This app offers parental controls, subtitles, closed captions, alternate audio, and much more.

Subscription Plans

Netflix offers three membership plans with a one-month free trial.

  1. Basic – $8.99 a month (Supports one device at a time with SD quality)
  2. Standard – $12.99 a month (Supports two devices at a time with HD quality)
  3. Premium – $15.99 a month (Supports four devices at a time with HD & UHD quality)

How to Add Netflix on Roku?

Netflix is officially available on the Roku Channel Store, which lets you easily add the app on your Roku device.

1. Plug in the Roku device to your TV and turn it on.

2. The Roku Homepage will appear on the TV screen.

3. Go to the Streaming Channels section from the main menu

4. Select the Search button and search for Netflix.

5. Choose the app from the list and to get the app info page.

6. Tap on the Add Channel button and wait for the download to complete.

Netflix on Roku

7. Hit on the OK button, once the installation is done.

How to Login to Netflix on Roku?

If you want to start stream Netflix on Roku, you need to complete the login process, which is as follows:

1. Open the installed Netflix app on your device.

2. The sign-in or login page of Netflix will launch.

3. Enter your email or phone number and password in the page.


4. Press the Sign-In button to complete the process.

5. Now, you will get the homepage of Netflix with a huge library.

6. Pick a series or movie and enjoy streaming on the big screens.

Netflix on Roku

How to Cancel Netflix on Roku?

You can cancel the Netflix subscription anytime without any commitments. Take a look at the below steps to know how to cancel Netflix on Roku.

1. Head over to the Netflix app from your Roku homepage.

2. Tap the Asterisk (*) button on your Roku remote.

3. The TV screen will prompt the below page.

4. Choose the Manage subscription option in the list.

5. Hit the Cancel subscription button and confirm to stop the service.

How to Logout Netflix on Roku?

It is very simple to logout Netflix on Roku. Follow the steps below to logout of Netflix on Roku:

1. Start the Netflix Channel and tap the watch profile option, if asked.

2. Navigate to the Settings option in the left-side menu.


3. Click the Sign-Out button and then select the Yes option to confirm it.

4. Now, you are successfully logged out Netflix on Roku.

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Do you get Netflix free with Roku?

Netflix is a subscription-based service and you need to pay for it. You download the app for free and enjoy the one-month free trial.

How much is Netflix a month on Roku?

There are three subscription plans offered by Netflix on Roku and the cost of each plan varies per month. You can refer to the above article to know the price list.

Is Netflix worth the money?

It is worth paying for Netflix because it offers tons of TV shows, movies, award-winning Netflix original series, documentaries, and much more.