Roku is a media player for streaming contents online. It has its own channel store for adding streaming apps on Roku, and it has tons of apps, including the most popular Netflix, YouTube, NFL, Spotify, etc. The channel store has both free and paid apps for adding on Roku. It is easy to download the apps on Roku in many ways. Let’s see how to download apps on Roku in detail.

How to Download Apps on Roku

There are three ways to download apps on your Roku connected TV.

  1. Download apps on the device itself
  2. Using Roku website
  3. Using Roku mobile app

Download Apps/Install Channels in the Roku device

Step 1: Connect the Roku device to the HDMI port of the TV.

Step 2: Sign in with the Roku account and press Home button in the remote. This will take to Roku home screen.

Step 3: Scroll down and select Streaming channels .

Select streaming channels to get channels store
Streaming Channels

Step 4: Select Search channels in the Channel Store.

Select Search channels
Search Channels

Step 5: Type the app name and select it from the suggestions.

Step 6: Select Add Channel to get the app on Roku and click OK in the prompt.

Select add channels to get app
Add Channel

Download Apps in the Roku website

Step 1: Go to the Roku website using a browser.

Step 2: Select Sign in and login with your Roku account Email and Password.

Sign in Roku account to download apps on Roku
Sign In

Step 3: Select What to watch drop down and select Channel store.

Select channel store -download apps on Roku
Channel Store

Step 4: Choose the app from top available categories or simply search for the app.

Step 5: Select Details to get complete info of the app and click Add channel to get the app on Roku

Select details to add channel on Roku
Add App

Download Apps in the Roku mobile app

Step 1: Download and install Roku Mobile app from the store.

Step 2: Launch the app once installed. Now Sign into your Roku account.

Step 3: Select Channels tab at the bottom and click Channel Store.

select channel store - download apps on Roku
Go to Channel Store

Step 4: Find the app from the categories or search for the app using Search Channels option.

Step 5: Click the app icon and select Add Channel to get the app on Roku.

You can also download the apps that are unavailable in the Roku Channel Store. You have to select the Add channel with a code in the Manage accounts tab. Enter the code and select “Yes, add Channel” in the prompt. It will install the app on Roku.

Hence you can download apps on Roku in multiple ways by following the above steps. The same procedure can be followed for paid apps with an extra step for payment. The apps downloaded on the website or mobile app will get updated on the Roku device within 24 hours of downloading. If you face any problem in downloading apps on Roku using the above steps, please do let us know in the comments.


1. Does Roku has app store?

Yes. Roku has an app store like others. It is called Channel Store and it has all the available apps for streaming contents online.

2. Can i install apps on Roku using mobile app?

You can install apps using Roku app in your smartphone and you can go through the above steps for easy installation of apps.

3. How do i get to channel store on Roku?

You have to Select streaming Channels to open the Channel Store on Roku. You can easily download apps on Roku from the channel store using the above steps.