DirecTV is widely known as AT&T TV which is a television streaming network. You can enjoy their services via the DirecTV Stream app. It is stuffed with much entertaining content like Live TV shows, News, popular Movies, famous series, and Live Sports along with top premium channels like HBO, Showtime, etc., It is compatible with many devices and Roku is one among them. You can enjoy watching DirecTV on the big screens using Roku streaming devices. Let us discuss how to stream DirecTV on Roku in the section below.

DirecTV on Roku

Update: AT&T TV Now app is renamed, DirecTV Stream. The DirecTV Stream app is available officially on the Roku Channel Store and you can install it directly on your device.

Features of DirecTV Stream

DirecTV has plenty of features and here are a few:

Record & Store

You can record your favorite programs with the feature cloud DVR storage. Hence you can enjoy those shows later and also watch missed programs or episodes.

DVR Recordings

HD Quality

It is built-in with RVU technology. Choose any on-demand videos from the thousands of contents and stream them in high resolutions up to 1080p.


It lets you watch your favorite content on multiple devices simultaneously. You can also have an exclusive option to control what your kids must watch.

Subscription Plans of DirecTV Stream

As DirecTV Stream is a subscription-based service, it offers five membership plans.

  • Entertainment – $64.99/month with 65+ channels.
  • Choice – $89.99/month with 90+ channels.
  • Ultimate – $104.99/month with 130+ channels.
  • Premier – $149.99/month with 140+ channels.

How to Add DirecTV on Roku?

DirecTV Stream app is available on the Roku Channel Store. So, you can easily watch DirecTV on Roku with the below steps:

1. Press the Home button on your Roku remote to get the Homepage.

2. Tap the Streaming Channels option on the homepage.

DirecTV on Roku

3. Scroll down and click the Search Channels button.

4. Search for DirecTV Stream in the search bar and pick the app from the suggested list.

5. Hit the Add Channel button on the DirecTV Stream app page.

DirecTV Stream on Roku 1

6. The app starts to install. After that, press the OK button.

How to Watch DirecTV on Roku?

Now, you can start streaming DirecTV on Roku with the below-mentioned guidelines.

(1) Find and locate the installed DirecTV app on the Roku homepage.

(2) Launch DirecTV Stream on your device.

(3) Complete the Sign-in process with the login credentials.

(4) You will get the DirecTV homepage.

(5) Click the Watch Now option and select any video from it.


(6) Hit the Play option and start streaming.

(7) Tap the Search icon to find your favorite shows and also add your favorite videos to My library.


What features are included in DirecTV on demand?

DirecTV offers numerous highlighting features like streaming on multiple devices, Cloud storage to record your favorite shows, and many more.

How do I watch DirecTV on my Roku?

It is easy to watch DirecTV on Roku as you can download it directly from the Roku Channel Store. Install it and start streaming your favorite DirecTV content.

Is DirecTV a good choice?

Though DirecTV is more expensive than other services, it is worth the money. Because you can gain access to thousands of contents in one place. So, it is a better choice.

Is DirecTV cheaper than cable?

DirecTV gains more users because of its good quality service. It is 100 times better than cable networks. So you can opt for DirecTV without any hesitation.

DirecTV Stream not working on Roku?

If the channel is not working, then check for internet connectivity, reinstall the app, restart your device or check for app updates.

How much is DirecTV Stream on Roku?

It comes with four different subscription packages: Entertainment, Choice, Ultimate, and Premier. The package starts from $64.99 a month.