USTVNow is an excellent source to stream any of your favorite channels. It is a splendid streaming service that offers hundreds of live TV channels. You are no longer required to look for cable networks to watch your favorite shows, series, or movies. With USTVNow, you will get access to all of them in the palm of your hand. You have tons and tons of content on this platform that kills your boredom. Get access to the different genres of channels categorized under entertainment, news, etc. You can access USTVNow on various devices, including Roku. Let us see how to access USTVNow on Roku.

USTVNow on Roku


Here are the features of USTVNow:

  • It allows you to record any show or series and save them in the My Recordings section.
  • The service enables you to watch the original and exclusive content of USTVNow.
  • You can stream all the content in full HD quality up to 720p.
  • Quickly catch up with the live streams or TV shows anywhere, anytime.
  • You can get access to on-demand movies on this platform.
  • The TV guide option lets you access the schedule of any channel or program.

What’s on USTVNow?

The popular channel list of USTVNow is given below:

Subscription of USTVNow

The two main subscription plans of USTVNow are:

  1. USTVNow Basic Plan – $19 per month
  2. USTVNow + DVR Plan – $29 per month
  3. Teleup + DVR Plan – $11.99 per month

Upon the subscription to any of these subscription plans, you will get a 5-day free trial.

How to Get USTVNow on Roku?

USTVNow doesn’t offer any official app for any device, including Roku. It is accessible from its official web version on any device. Likewise, you can access the USTVNow web version on Roku through the Screen Mirroring option.

How to Enable Screen Mirroring on Roku Device?

The simple steps are given below to enable Screen Mirroring on Roku.

1. Turn on your Roku device and get to the home page.

2. Go to the Settings section and then to System.

3. Scroll down and select the Screen Mirroring option.

4. Next, choose the Screen mirroring mode option. Now, select either the Prompt or Always Allow option to enable mirroring.

USTVNow on Roku

How to Screen Mirror USTVNow to Roku from Android Smartphone

1. Ensure that you have connected your Android Smartphone and Roku to the same wifi network.

2. Choose any web browser and launch it.

3. Now, sign in with your USTVNow subscription credentials.

4. After that, choose any live TV channel you want to watch.

5. Swipe down your Android smartphone’s screen from up to down to bring down the Notification Panel.

6. From the Notification Panel, tap on the Cast icon.

Tap on Cast

7. You can see the list of available devices on the pop-up window. From there, choose your Roku device.

8. Now, your Android smartphone’s screen will be mirrored to your Roku device or TV.

9. Go back to the USTVNow website and mirror its content to Roku device or TV.

How to Screen Mirror USTVNow on Roku using Windows PC

Now, follow the below section to learn how to cast USTVNow on Roku using Windows PC.

1. Connect both the Roku and Windows devices to the same wifi network.

2. Open the Chrome browser on your PC and hit the search bar.

3. Visit the official website of USTVNow.

4. Next, click on the Hamburger icon from the upper left corner.

5. Click the Sign Up button and enter the credentials required. Next, select the Sign Up button.

Note: If you already have an account on USTVNow, click on the Sign in button and enter your subscription credentials to sign in to your account.

USTVNow on Roku

6. Choose any payment method and subscribe to USTVNow.

7. Now, you will be able to access 50 + live TV channels.

7. Next, press the Windows + K keys simultaneously and choose your Roku device under the Connect Popup window.

8. After that, go back to the USTVNow website and stream any of your popular live TV channels on Roku device or TV.


1. Is USTVNow free?

No, you need to pay for a subscription to access the USTVNow platform.

2. Can I get USTVNow on Roku?

Since there is no official channel for USTVNow on Roku, you need to mirror the USTVNow platform from its official website.