OWN is an American TV channel that focuses on streaming the Lifestyle, Love, and Drama genre to the people. The service streams popular shows like Dr.Phil, Black Love, Put a Ring on It, etc. Access the content of the OWN channel on your Roku streaming device by installing the channel from the Roku channel store.

Features of OWN

  • Watch OWN channel streams the live OWN channel, and it has a 24/7 schedule of live shows on its network.
  • You can catch up with the TV series using the closed captioning feature.
  • It also has Originals of the OWN network along with specials, talk shows, and Documentaries. Own app has marathons in which all episodes of the series are broadcasted at a time.
  • The service supports the Catchup feature so that you can start where you left off.
  • The service is available only in the US region.

Pricing of Watch OWN

There is no standalone pricing for the OWN channel. You need to associate with your Cable TV provider to watch its content on your Roku device. Some of the cable TV providers that stream the channel are,

  • DirecTV
  • Dish
  • Spectrum
  • Xfinity
  • Verizon Fios

How to Stream Watch OWN Channel on Roku

1. Connect the Roku device to the internet connection.

2. Press the Home button on the remote and navigate to the Streaming Channels.

Select Streaming Channels

3. In the Channel Store, scroll down and select Search Channels.

Select Search Channels and type OWN

4. Type OWN using the remote and select the Watch OWN app from the suggestions.

5. Tap Add Channel to install the app and select OK in the prompt.

Alternative Method to Add Own on Roku

1. Open any web browser on a PC or smartphone and visit the Roku channel Store website.

2. Now tap Sign in and enter your Roku account credentials on the website.

3. Click the Search bar and search for OWN.

4. Select the app from the results and select the +Add Channel option on the website.

Add the OWN Network on Roku

5. Now go to your Roku device and search for the OWN channel in the apps.

How to Activate OWN on Roku

Since the channel runs on a cable TV provider, you need to associate the cable TV provider with the channel by using the activation website.

1. Open the OWN channel on Roku from the channel section.

2. Click on the Sign in button and note down the activation code displayed on your screen.

3. Now, open a browser on any device and visit the activation website of OWN. (//auth.start.watchown.tv/link)

4. Enter the Activation Code on the website and tap on the Link TV provider button.

Enter the activation code to stream OWN channel on Roku

5. Choose your Cable TV provider from the list and enter its credentials on the website.

6. Now, go to the OWN channel on Roku and start streaming your favorite TV shows of the service.

How to Watch OWN on Roku – Alternative Way

You can also stream OWN on Roku through the streaming services. They are Philo, fuboTV, YouTube TV, etc. These apps are available for free in the Roku Channel Store.



Philo is one of the cheaper streaming services that give access to 70+ popular TV networks. The service has more than 25,000+ On-demand content and streams popular TV shows like Yellowstone, BMF, etc. You can either subscribe to the 7-day free trial or subscribe to its monthly premium of $25 to watch the OWN channel on your device.

Website: Philo


Watch OWN channel on Roku using fuboTV

The primary destination of your sporting and entertainment for your streaming device, fuboTV is your perfect choice. The service offers more than 220+ channels with news, entertainment, and sports channels in its subscription. Apart from the channel library, you can get to use the DVR space of 1,000 hours to record your TV content on your premium. OWN channel is available on fuboTVs Pro($74.99/ month), Elite($84.99/ month), and Premier($94.99/ month) subscription of the service.

Website: fuboTV

YouTube TV

Watch OWN channel on Roku using YouTube TV

The OWN channel network is available in the pool of 100+ channels of YouTube TV premium. You can watch premium videos and record the content of your OWN channel using the unlimited DVR space of YouTube TV. By subscribing to the premium for $64.99/ month, you can watch OWN and other channels like Starz, HBO Max, etc.

Website: YouTube TV

Apart from the above-mentioned streaming service, you can access the OWN channel using Hulu and DirecTV Stream streaming services on your Roku and other streaming devices.


How to watch OWN Network on Roku for free?

Some streaming channels like YouTube TV and Philo offer a free trial. By utilizing it, you can watch the OWN network for free until the free trial ends.