If you are a horror fan and love to keep yourself entertained with thrillers, horror movies, and shows, this channel is what you want. Shudder is a streaming service that offers an exquisite collection of horror and monster movies. All the movies are unedited and commercial-free streaming. It offers many horror, thriller, and suspense movies that will make you face your fear. Now let us see how you add and stream Shudder on Roku.

Features of Shudder on Roku

  • Shudder offers the largest and fastest-growing human-curated selection of high-quality, spine-tangling and provocative films, TV series and originals.
  • You can add the channel for free and browse how much ever show you want. But to access the contents you must subscribe to the channel.
  • Shudder features classic old movies to the latest ones from every genre and decade.
  • It has something to stream for the casual fan to hardcore horror lovers.
  • The subscription costs $4.99/month or $49.99/year.

How to Add Shudder on Roku?

Step 1: Set up your Roku streaming device with your TV. Turn it on and make sure to connect it to an internet network.

Step 2: Press the Home button on the screen. Next, click on the Streaming Channels option on your Roku home screen to navigate to the Roku Channel Store.

Home Screen

Step 3: On the Roku Channel Store screen, click on the Search Channel option.

Channel Store

Step 4: On the search screen, type Shudder with the Roku remote. Select the app from the search results.

Search Screen

Step 5: On the app info screen, click on the Add Channel button. Wait for the app to download and add to your Roku screen.

Shudder on Roku

Step 6: Now click on the Go To Channel button to launch the Shudder app. On your welcome screen, click on the login option.

Shudder on Roku

Step 7: On the next screen, enter your username and password to start streaming.

Shudder on Roku

The contents will start loading on the channel.

Shudder on Roku

Movies on Shudder

As said, you can find the cult classics to the latest additions to the library of Shudder. Some of the movies you can find are:

  • An American Werewolf in London
  • The Hills Have Eyes
  • Faces of Death
  • Monster Braw
  • Get Rad
  • All Hail Argento
  • The Vengeance is Hers
  • Cheap Thrills
  • Critters
  • The Queen Hollywood, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shudder free on Roku?

You can add the channel for free from the Roku Channel Store. You can also browse for the contents available. But to start streaming, you need to proceed with the subscription. It costs $5.99/month and $59.99/year.

How do I connect my Roku to Shudder?

You can connect the Shudder to your streaming device by logging in to your Shudder subscribed account. Then, launch the channel and enter your name and password to start streaming the contents.

Suggest some Shudder Alternatives?

The following streaming services also provide horror movies. It includes Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Popcorn Time Online, Google TV, etc. In addition, there are various streaming sites you can look to stream horror movies.