You can access most Cable channels on Roku TV via streaming platforms, including Sling TV, DirecTV Stream, Fubo TV, Philo TV, and more. However, you can connect the Roku to your TV using a few reliable options, depending on the input ports your TV supports.

Methods to Connect your Cable Box to Roku

Three simple ways are to connect your cable box to TVs running on Roku OS. Following is the list of methods to access the cable on your device.

1. Using HDMI Cable

2. With AV Cables

3. Using Coaxial Cables

Watch Cable on Roku TV With HDMI Cable

Suppose your Roku TV and the cable box have an HDMI port. Then, you can connect both devices using an HDMI cable that helps transfer data with higher bandwidth. For this method to work, use a cable or satellite box and an HDMI cable.

how to watch cable on Roku TV

1. Turn off your Roku TV if it is turned on.

2. Grab the HDMI cable and connect one end to the cable/satellite box.

3. Connect the other end of the HDMI cable to the Roku TV.

Note: If you connect the HDMI input port, get high-quality streaming.

4. With that, turn on your Roku TV.

Turn on Roku

5. Turn on your cable or satellite receiver box.

6. When you see the Roku home screen, use the remote to highlight the HDMI input icon and click on it.

Select HDMI icon to watch cable on Roku TV using HDMI port

7. Now, users can access and stream TV channels on their devices.

Watch Cable on Roku TV With AV RCA Input Cables

Older models of cable and satellite boxes might not have the HDMI port. However, users can connect older cable boxes to their TV with the help of AV cables. Follow these instructions to access the cable on Roku from an older satellite or cable box.

1. If your Roku TV is on, turn it off.

2. Grab the AV cable and connect to the respective ports on your cable or satellite box.

Connect AV cable to satellite box

3. Connect the other end to your Roku TV Audio/Video input.

Connect AV cable to Roku TV

4. With that, turn on your Roku TV and launch its home screen.

5. Use the right arrow button in the Roku remote to navigate to and select the AV icon on your screen.

Select the AV icon to watch cable on Roku TV

6. Play any TV channel from the available list and start streaming them on your device.

Watch Cable on Roku TV With Coaxial Cable

Another method to connect to the cable or satellite receiver is using coaxial cables. The Roku TV itself comes with a port for a coaxial cable.

1. If your Roku TV is turned on, turn it off.

2. Grab one end of the cable and connect it to the respective port on your Roku TV.

Connect cable to TV

3. Connect the other end of the cable to the cable/satellite box.

4. With that, turn on your Roku TV and get the device’s home screen.

5. From the home screen, click on the Antenna TV icon using the Roku remote.

6. Click on the Start finding channels option in the window on your screen.

Select Start finding channels to watch cable on Roku TV

7. Can you see the Connect other equipment? Window on your screen.

8. Next, choose the option that says, No, channels 3 & 4 are not needed.

Choose the No, channels 3 & 4 are not needed button

9. This will bring the Finding Channels window, and the device starts to search for TV channels (for about 30 minutes)

Skipping Channels button on Roku

10. The next window shows the number of channels found in the device.

Watch cable on Roku TV

11. With that, the users can access and play these TV channels on their devices.

Alternative Ways to Watch Cable on Roku TV

Though, the above-mentioned methods are easy to set up. In addition, we have another alternative streaming services application that can be downloaded from the Roku channel store. Some of their streaming services also provide DVR storage that can help you watch live shows at your convenient time.

Sling TV


Sling TV is a familiar streaming platform offering access to Live TV channels over the internet. It is compatible with a most streaming device. You can utilize the free-trial option to check out the features.

DVR Storage: 50 Hours

Subscription Plans: Sling Orange ($40), Sling Blue ($40), Sling Orange + Blue ($55)

Channel List: BBC America, Bravo, Cartoon Network, CNN, AMC, Discovery Channel, ESPN, FOX, and more.



Hulu offers access to Live TV shows as well as movie libraries. You can access channels based on the region by providing the Zip code. We get to play the desired media content at a better streaming quality.

DVR Storage: Unlimited

Subscription Plans: Ad-supported plan ($7.99/ month) & Ad-free Plan ($14.99/month).

Channel List: ABC, CBS, NBS, FOX, Food Network, History, FX, Nat Geo Wild, and more.

DirecTV Stream

DirecTV Stream

DirecTV Stream Now is a sub-channel of AT&T channels that offers live TV access over the internet. It has a huge movie library and on-demand content that you can binge-watch. They provide a 7-day free trial option to try the features they offer.

DVR Storage: Unlimited

Subscription Plans: The package starts at $69.99/month

Channel List: ESPN, CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, TNT, CNN, Comedy Central, FX, TBS, Discovery, TLC, Dinsey Channel, and more.

Fubo TV

Fubo TV

Fubo TV is an efficient sports-oriented streaming service that would greatly help sports enthusiast stream live sports. They offer us a 1-week free trial option to better understand this platform.

DVR Storage: 1,000-hour storage

Subscription Plans: The package starts at $79.99/month

Channel List: A&E, Bravo, Weather Channel, Fox, NBC, CBS, and more.

YouTube TV

youtube TV

YouTube TV is a subscription streaming service that lets you watch live TV shows and popular cable networks. In addition, you get to access live channels and various on-demand content lists available.

DVR Storage: This service does not have a DVR but can record with limited storage space.

Subscription Plans: The package starts at $64.99/month

Channel List: ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, FOX, Food Network, FX, TBS, Discovery, and more.

Similarly, you have many other streaming services like Tubi TV, Pluto TV, Philo, Plex, and many others. You get to access live TV channels and on-demand video content by simply subscribing to their services and downloading the app on your Roku device on your Roku channel store.


Is cable TV free on Roku?

If you have a cable or satellite subscription, there are no additional charges to access it on your Roku device.

Is Roku TV like cable?

Roku TV might be different from cable as it has a better collection of TV channels and a VOD app that you can access from the Channel Store. Each of these apps in the channel store might be free or subscription-based.