Tubi is an on-demand video streaming application available in the Roku channel store. They offer over 40,000+ movies and television shows. Though there are a few options to watch Tubi TV on Roku, we can follow any reliable and convenient method.

Primary Features of Tubi TV

Below are some highlighted features you can enjoy benefitting from using the Tubi Application.

  • You can enjoy different content genres, including Drama, Comedy, Action, Horror, Animation, and so on.
  • It allows you to enjoy videos in full HD quality with an excellent user interface.
  • This service offers your niche favorites such as Korean dramas, anime, and British series.
  • You can resume watching the video from where you left off.
  • Get intelligent recommendations for highly rated and trending videos.
  • It lets you add your favorite shows or movies to the My Queue option.

How to Add Tubi on Roku

1. Go to the Home Page on your Roku device, and navigate to the Streaming Channels option.

2. Select the Search Channels option from the menu.

3. Now, Search for Tubi – Free Movies & TV in the Roku Channel Store.

4. Click the Add Channel button to install the app on your Roku device.

Add Channel

5. After the installation process, a prompt would appear for confirmation on the same.

6. Click the Ok button, select the Go to Channel option and launch the Tubi TV.

How to Activate Tubi on Roku

1. Open the installed Tubi app on your device, and click on the Sign In option from the left side panel.

2. Note the Activation code shown on your TV screen.

3. Visit this https://tubitv.com/activate site from your mobile/PC.

4. Enter the Activation keys in the site and press the Activate button.


5. Complete the Sign-in process with your login credentials.

6. Now, navigate to the Home page of the Tubi TV app.

7. Then, pick your favorite show or movie and tap the Play button.

Tubi on Roku

8. You can watch your favorite content from Tubi TV on your Roku device.

Alternative Ways to Screen Mirror Tubi TV on Roku

Though, there are possibilities to add Tubi TV to your Roku device. You still have the option to screen mirror as well. This method may be preferred by users who are already active users of Tubi TV using their smartphones or PC. Moreover, screen mirroring is the easiest way to watch Tubi TV on your Roku device.


Before initiating the screen mirroring process, we will have to make some required changes and enable the necessary features on your Roku device.

  • Connect the streaming device, including iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, and the Roku device, under the same WiFi connection.
  • Enable the Screen mirroring option on your Roku device.
  • Turn on the AirPlay feature on your Roku device if you are an iOS user.

How to Screen Mirror Tubi TV on Android Device

1. Install the Tubi TV from the Play Store on your Android device.

2. Launch the Tubi app, and Sign in to your account.

3. On your smartphone, go to the Notification panel and click on the Cast icon.

Notification panel on Android

4. Select the Roku device from the list of available devices.

5. Open the Tubi TV, and choose the content you wish to watch on your Roku device.

How to Screen Mirror Tubi TV on iOS Device

1. Install the Tubi TV app on your iOS device from the App Store.

2. Swipe to the Control Center tab on your iOS device, and tap on the Screen Mirroring icon.

Screen mirroring option on iOS

3. From the list of devices, click on the appropriate Roku device.

4. Finally, launch the Tubi TV app, and choose any content that you wish to watch on your Tubi TV.

How to Screen Mirror Tubi TV on PC

1. Go to the Start option, and click on the Settings tab.

2. Select the System option from the menu and click on the Display option.

system option on PC

3. Under the Multiple displays option, click on the Connect to a wireless display option.

Multiple display tab on PC

4. Next, locate the Roku device from the list of nearby devices.

5. Now, you can screen share your content from your PC to your Roku device.

6. Open any default web browser and go to Tubi TV’s official website.

7. Log in to your Tubi TV account, and pick the content you wish to watch on your Roku device.


Is Tubi a safe app?

Yes, Tubi is legal and a free video streaming application. Moreover, to offer a free and secure service, they contain ads that monetize content.

Does Tubi TV use a lot of data?

The Tubi TV always adjusts to adapt to the available bandwidth, so there aren’t any specific data numbers. However, the basic speed they require would be 4 Mbps to enjoy streaming.