Discovery Plus has access to programs from networks like HGTV, Food Network, Magnolia Network, Travel Channel, Animal Planet, TLC, The History Channel, and more. You can install Discovery Plus on Roku from the Channel Store. With the Discovery Plus app, you can watch series and documentaries about Nature, Science, Space, Wildlife, and Food.

Features of Discovery Plus

  • Discovery Plus offers to create up to five personal profiles.
  • You can resume watching episodes where you left off across your devices.
  • Use My List to save episodes for later viewing.
  • With the Family Profile feature, parents can now alter the content types to create a secure space for their kids.
  • This is a kid-friendly streaming platform with optional PIN security.

Discovery Plus Subscription

PlanCostFree trial period
Discovery+$4.99/month7 days
Discovery+ (Ad-Free)$6.99/month7 days
Student offer$2.99/month7 days

How to Get Discovery Plus Free Trial

[1] Visit the official Discovery Plus website (

[2] Scroll down and locate the subscription plan details.

Subscription deals of Discovery Plus.

[3] Select one of the Discovery+ pricing plans. If you want to get a student offer, click the Get Student Discount option under the subscription deals.

Student discount on the subscription plan page.

[3] Enter your Email and Password in the required fields.

[4] Click the Agree and Continue button to create a new Discovery Plus account.

Create account page of Discovery Plus.

[5] Enter the credit or debit card details and complete the payment.

[6] Enjoy Discovery Plus Free Trial of 7 days.

How to Add Discovery Plus on Roku

This method is a usual and popular way of adding any channel on Roku. Follow the below instructions carefully.

[1] Press the Home button on your remote.

Home button on Roku remote.

[2] Navigate to the Search Channels option on the Roku home screen.

Search Channels option on Roku's home screen.

[3] You need to enter the Discovery Plus keyword into the virtual keyboard.

Search bar on Roku's search channel tab.

[4] From the choices, pick Discovery Plus.

[5] Click the Add channel option. It takes a few seconds.

Add channel button of Discovery Plus on Roku.

[6] After adding the channel, click OK on the pop-up window.

[7] Select Go to channel. It will take you to the main page of Discovery Plus.

[8] Navigate to the Sign In option in the top-right corner of the screen.

[9] On the sign-in screen, enter your login credentials and click Sign In to access your account.

[10] After logging in with your account, you can search for and watch movies from Discovery Plus on Roku.

Alternate Way to Get Discovery Plus on Roku

Apart from the traditional method of getting Discovery Plus on Roku, you can also get the app from the Channel Store. If you have a PC with you, you can use this technique. Adhere to the following guidelines.

[1] Head to the official website of the Roku Channel Store (

[2] Click the Sign In button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Home screen of Roku website.

[3] Sign in with your Roku account. Click Submit.

Sign in page of Roku account.

[4] On the home screen, click the Search bar and search Discovery Plus.

Search bar on Roku's channel store.

[5] Click the Details of Discovery Plus channel.

Details button of Discovery Plus on Roku.

[6] Tap Add channel to add this channel to your Roku.

Add channel button of Discovery Plus on Roku.

[7] The Discovery Plus channel has now been added to your Roku device.

[8] Go to the Roku home screen and open the Discovery Plus app.

Discovery Plus on Roku.

[9] Log in using your Discovery Plus account and access all the video content.

How to Cancel Discovery Plus Subscription on Roku

If you are not using the Discovery Plus app quite often, you can cancel the subscription on Roku. You can also use the below steps to cancel the Disocvery+ free trial.

[1] Press the Home button on the remote.

[2] Locate Discovery Plus and click the channel.

[3] Press the Asterisk button (Star button) on your Roku remote.

[4] Select Manage subscription from the options.

[5] Select the Cancel subscription option.

[6] On the confirmation screen, tap the Cancel subscription option.

[7] After this, your subscription won’t be renewed. However, you can get the premium benefits until the next billing cycle.

Discovery Plus Not Working on Roku

You may face the following problems or any other problems while watching Discovery Plus on your Roku.

  • Shows won’t save to the Playlist
  • Discovery Plus freezing and buffering issues
  • DRM error message

All the issues can be solved easily by doing simple steps. Try some typical troubleshooting techniques to solve any issues you’re having with the Discovery Plus app on Roku.

Clear Cache on Roku

You could experience some problems with the content loading on your screen or not playing the video. If this occurs, there might be a cache issue at play. You can clear the cache on Roku for the specific app or the entire system. Discovery Plus may load the cache after a few days of use. You have to clear the cache from the Discovery Plus channel to avoid buffering issues. If you have any issues in the Disocvery+ app after clearing the cache, go to the next fix.

Restart Roku

You will experience app crashes or system freezing issues if the Roku device is left operating continuously for a long time. Similar to restarting a computer, restarting a Roku can fix issues. Restarting your Roku device or restarting the Discovery Plus app may help to solve certain major and minor problems. If restarting the device is not solving your issue, you need to sign out of your Dicovery+ account.

Log out and re-login

After restarting, you need to log out from your Discovery Plus account and Roku account for a while. It would help you to clear all the temporary bugs associated with your Roku account and app usage. Sign out of your Roku account and try again. You can also try logging out of Discovery Plus app on Roku to resolve the bug issues. If there are no sign-in issues, go and check the WiFi.

Check WiFi

You need to ensure your Roku device connects with a reliable network source. WiFi speed is an important parameter to watch without buffering on Roku. So if you feel any video buffering issues, verify the network connections. You can also restart the router to fix the issue. If there are no network issues, try updating the app.

Update Discovery Plus

Without the updates, your device can become sluggish and your installed apps might not run as smoothly as they can. Also, you can have certain issues while working, such as app crashes or restarts. For a refreshing interface and a bug-free experience, update Discovery Plus whenever updates are available.

If you are using the older version of Roku, update your Roku device to fix the issue. If you still have the issue, you need to reset the device.

Reset your Roku device

Performing a reset is usually not the best solution to solve minor issues associated with your Roku device. But for major issues, resetting your Roku is the best option. This will restore all the user-defined settings to the factory default settings and delete all the apps on Roku. After the reset, install the Discovery Plus app. It will work again without any issues.

Contact the Customer Support

Are you tired of using all techniques discussed above and still have not fixed the Discovery Plus? We recommend you contact Discovery Plus or Roku customer support to get the solution to your unsolvable problems.


1. Is Discovery Plus free with Prime?

No, you need to buy the subscription. However, you can use your Amazon Prime account to buy the Discovery+ subscription and add the channel to your Prime account.