Roku is the best media player and an excellent platform to stream tons of movies. Many people don’t like to subscribe to any particular streaming service, to watch movies alone. In such cases, you can rent or purchase your favorite movies on Roku. Thus you will end up paying a little penny while renting a movie on Roku. The added advantage is that you can enjoy streaming the rented movies multiple times during the rental period. The article will explain how to Rent Movies on Roku.

Rent Movies on Roku

You cannot directly rent movies on your Roku device. Yet, it can be done through the streaming apps that offer rental movies. Some of the apps includes:

  • VUDU
  • Redbox
  • Apple TV
  • Google Play Movies & TV


VUDU offers movies from classics to new releases. The users can enjoy VUDU movies in different genres, namely adventure, horror, comedy, etc. VUDU on Roku is suitable for all age people and in short, it has something for everyone. This service provides HD quality, and so you can stream films at stunning clarity.


VUDU offers various effects like 4K UHD, Dolby Vision HDR, or Dolby Atoms for better streaming experiences. It allows you to easily rent your favorite movie from $3.99 to $19.99.


Watching rental movies on Redbox is one of the best choices. It is stuffed with thousands of movies and live TV channels. You can rent and download your favorite film to enjoy streaming them offline. It supports various devices such as smartphones, tablets, PC, laptops, smart TVs, Roku, etc.

How to Rent Movies on Roku

It lets you browse and add the upcoming new release movies to the Wish List. You will get instant notifications when released, and you can rent movies on Redbox at the price of $1.99 for up to 30 days. Also, you can watch rental movies multiple times for 30 days.

Apple TV

Apple TV offers exclusive Apple Originals Shows and movies from Apple TV+. The app allows you to rent popular and new release movies, including 4K HDR movies. Therefore, you can stream the rented movies easily on the Roku. Get access to the different genres of movies on Apple TV.

Apple TV

The rental cost of movies on Apple TV starts from $3 for classic titles and $4 for a new title. It has got a huge library with tons of exclusive movies. If you want to rent a new release movie on this app, you need to pay $5.

Google Play Movies & TV

Explore thousands of movies on Google Play Movies & TV on Roku. It instantly allows you to access movies from new releases to iconic classics. You can easily find different titles, namely action, adventure, drama, comedy, or animated. The app constantly releases its updated catalog.

How to Rent Movies on Roku

It gives intelligent recommendations for popular movies. The movie rental of Google Play Movies & TV starts from $0.99. It is the best destination to find many movies at an affordable cost.

Some More Streaming Services

The other streaming services that you can rent or purchase movies include:


How much does it cost to rent a movie on Roku?

The movie rental on Roku starts from $1.99. You can enjoy streaming the rented movies for the given period, like up to 30 days or based on hours.

Can you rent Redbox movies on Roku?

You can rent Redbox movies on your Roku device as the Redbox streaming app is officially available on the Roku Channel Store.

What is the best app to rent movies?

Some of the best apps for rental movies includes VUDU, Redbox, Apple TV, Google Play Movies & TV, CineTrak, IMDb, Movies Anywhere, and much more.