Roku is the best media player and an excellent platform for streaming many movies. Many people don’t like to subscribe to any particular streaming service to watch movies alone. In such cases, you can rent or purchase your favorite movies on Roku. Thus, you will pay a little while renting a movie on Roku. The added advantage is that you can enjoy streaming the rented movies multiple times during the rental period. The article will explain how to Rent Movies on Roku.

How to Rent Movies on Roku

You cannot directly rent movies on your Roku device. Yet, it can be done through streaming apps that offer rental movies. Some of the apps include:

  • VUDU
  • RedBox
  • Apple TV
  • Google TV
  • Prime Videos
  • ROW8
  • Vimeo
  • Cineplex Store



VUDU offers movies ranging from classics to new releases. The users can enjoy VUDU movies in different genres, namely adventure, horror, comedy, etc. VUDU on Roku is suitable for all age groups, and in short, it has something for everyone. This service provides HD quality, so you can stream films with stunning clarity. VUDU offers various effects like 4K UHD, Dolby Vision HDR, or Dolby Atoms for better streaming experiences.

App SubscriptionFree
Movie Rental$3.99 to $19.99
Content includedFree movies, Rent movies, and TV shows

Best Picks: The service includes a section of free movies and TV shows.
Drawbacks: The free movies available on the service are interrupted by ads.


Redbox Rent movies on Roku

Watching rental movies on Redbox is one of the best choices. It is stuffed with thousands of movies and live TV channels. You can rent and download your favorite movies to enjoy streaming them offline. It supports various devices, such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops, smart TVs, Roku, etc. It lets you browse and add upcoming new releases to the wishlist. When the movies are released, you will receive instant notifications. Also, you can watch rental movies multiple times for 30 days.

App SubscriptionFree
Movie RentalStarts at 99¢
Content includedFree on-demand, free live TV, rented movies and TV shows

Best Picks: The app includes a library of free content.
Drawbacks: The service might include ad interruptions.

Apple TV

Apple TV

Apple TV offers exclusive Apple Originals shows and movies from Apple TV+. The app allows you to rent popular and newly released movies, including 4K HDR movies. Therefore, you can stream rented movies easily on Roku. On Apple TV, you can watch movies of various genres. The rental cost of movies on Apple TV starts at $3 for classic titles and $4 for new titles. It has got a huge library with tons of exclusive movies. If you want to rent a newly released movie on this app, you need to pay $5.

App Subscription$6.99 per month
Movie RentalStarts at $3
Free Trial Period7 days
Content includedClassic movies, the latest movies, and Apple TV Original shows.

Best Picks: The app includes an exciting section of Apple TV Originals.
Drawbacks: The content library on Apple TV is comparatively smaller.

Google TV

GoogleTV Rent movies on Roku

Explore thousands of movies on Google TV on Roku. It instantly allows you to access movies, from new releases to iconic classics. You can easily find different titles, namely action, adventure, drama, comedy, or animated. The app constantly releases its updated catalog. It gives intelligent recommendations for popular movies. It is the best destination to find many movies at an affordable cost.

App SubscriptionFree
Movie RentalFrom $0.99
Movies includedClassic movies and latest releases

Best Picks: The service offers an exciting lineup of movies.
Drawbacks: The app is not available in the Roku Channel Store.

Prime Video

Prime Video

Prime Video is an outstanding streaming service with a large selection of popular movies, TV shows, Originals, and on-demand content. There are also many Amazon Prime Originals available to stream with the Prime Video app on Roku. It also has a section to rent and stream movies.

App Subscription$14.99 per month
Movie Rental$3.99 to $19.99
Free Trial30 days
Content includedLatest movies and Amazon Originals

Best Picks: The service offers the best collection of Amazon Prime Originals.
Drawbacks: Some of the popular TV shows are unavailable.


ROW8 Rent movies on Roku

ROW8 brings to you the newest Hollywood films direct from the theaters. All the titles are available on ROW8 before other subscription-based streaming services. Also, there are no subscription fees on the channel. Users only need to pay for what they watch. The app has an easy-to-navigate interface and offers great deals for popular movies.

App SubscriptionFree
Movie RentalLowest subscription rates
Movies includedBest movies, new and popular favorites

Best Picks: It has an exclusive collection of classic and latest movies.
Drawbacks: The service focuses only on movies and doesn’t include any live TV channels.



Vimeo is an HD video streaming service that is available on Roku. The service is a well-known video-sharing platform that includes video tools. There are no advertisements in the streaming. It also includes screen recording, editing tools, and the ability to manage your videos. The service provides 4K Ultra HD streaming of titles.

App Subscription$9 per month
Free Trial PeriodNil
Content includedHigh-quality films and series

Best Picks: It is an ad-free media streaming platform.
Drawbacks: The app might involve some streaming issues.

Cineplex Store

CINEPLEX STORE Rent movies on Roku

Cineplex Store lets users rent or buy new releases on the app. It comes with more than 1000 titles in the library. Users can stream or download movies from the app and watch them offline. Moreover, users can rent or buy movies of multiple genres. The app gives users SCENE points for each purchase from the service.

App SubscriptionFree
Movie RentalStarts at 99¢
Movies includedNew releases and classic movies

Best Picks: Get SCENE points for each movie you buy and use them to make a purchase.
Drawbacks: The service might include some glitches.

With any of the apps in the above section, users can watch the best movies, ranging from classic titles to the latest releases. Some services include free movies as well. However, the free movie stream is interrupted by ads. So you can choose the convenient streaming platform to rent movies on your Roku device.


Can you rent Redbox movies on Roku?

You can rent Redbox movies on your Roku device as the Redbox streaming app is officially available on the Roku Channel Store.