Google TV is an online Video-on-demand service. It was first launched in May 2011 as Google Movies, and it was in 2012 that the name was changed to Goole Play Movies & TV. It is owned and operated by Google as a service that offers to purchase or rent movies and tv shows depending on the availability. The movies and tv shows offered by Google TV are mostly available in high definition, like 720p 1080p. It even added 4K Ultra HD in 2016 and 4K HDR in 2017. It is not available on Roku, and to stream Google TV on Roku. You can either use the YouTube app or cast it from your Android devices.

How to Stream Google TV on Roku?

(1) Turn on your Roku device and press the Home button on your remote.

(2) Select Streaming Channels on the home screen and choose Search Channel.

Select Streaming Channels

(3) Enter YouTube on the search bar, and from the search results, choose the YouTube app

Enter YouTube

(4) Click on Add Channel to add YouTube to Roku and select OK.

(5) Now, YouTube will be available on your Roku device.

(6) Click on Go to Channel to open the YouTube app.

(7) Sign in with your YouTube account.

(8) Select the Movies & Shows icon on the left side tab.

(10) Here, you can see the movies or tv shows you have bought from Google TV.

(9) Select the movie you want and enjoy streaming the movie on Roku.

(Note: Make sure that you use the same account for both the Google TV and the YouTube app.)

Alternative Methods

You can use the Screen mirroring function to cast the contents of Google TV from other devices and stream them on Roku. The devices are:

  • PC
  • Smartphone

Before that, ensure that the Screen mirroring function on your Roku is enabled. If not, set up screen mirroring.

How to Setup Screen Mirroring on Roku?

(1) Launch your Roku device and connect it to the internet.

(2) Press Home on your Roku remote, and on the home screen, select Settings.

(3) Choose System and select Screen mirroring.

Select System

(4) Select Screen mirroring mode. To allow Screen mirroring on Roku, choose either Prompt or Always Allow.

Select Screen mirroring mode

(5) The screen mirroring function on Roku has been set up.

How to Stream Google TV on Roku using PC?

(1) Turn on your PC and select the browser.

(2) Search for YouTube and choose YouTube Official Website from the search results.

(3) Sign in with your YouTube account if you have not signed in.

(4) Click on the three-line menu icon or hamburger icon.

(5) Select Movies & Shows under the More From YouTube section.

Select Movies & Shows to stream Google TV on Roku

(6) Press Windows + k on your keyboard. A new window called Connect will appear on the right-hand side of your screen.

Select Connect

(7) From the list of devices, choose your Roku device.

(8) You will now be able to cast the contents on your PC’s Screen to your Roku device.

(9) Select the movie you want to watch and choose whether to Buy or Rent the movie.

Choose Rent or Buy to stream Google TV on Roku

(10) After the payment process is over, enjoy streaming the movie on Roku.

How to Stream Google TV on Roku Using Android?

(1) Open your Smartphone and go to Notification Panel.

(2) Select the Screen mirroring icon.

(3) Choose your Roku device from the list of available devices and select OK.

(4) Now, the contents on your screen will be mirrored to your Roku device.

(5) Select the Google TV app on your smartphone and sign in with your Google account.

(6) Select the movie you want to watch. Choose whether you want to Rent or Buy the movie.

(7) Finish the payment process to stream the movie.

(8) You can also go to Library to select a movie from your collection.

(9) Enjoy streaming the movie you want on your Roku device.

Google TV app


Google TV is available in all the countries in the world, other than some countries like New Zealand, Aruba, Brazil, South Africa, and more. There is no base fee for Google TV, and you only need to pay when you buy or rent movies. I hope you like this article, and kindly leave your thoughts in the comments section.


(1) Is Google TV available on Roku?

No, Google TV is not available on Roku. But you can use the YouTube app to stream the movies you have on Google TV.

(2) Do we need to use the same account for Google TV and YouTube app to watch movies you have on Google TV on your YouTube app?

Yes, only when your Google TV and YouTube app use the same account can you stream the movies that you have on Google TV on your YouTube app.

(3) How to solve the Google TV app not working on Roku?

Try restarting your Roku device, updating your Roku device, checking your internet connection, clearing the cache data, reinstalling the Google TV app on your Roku, Signing out of your account, and after a few seconds, try signing back in using your Google account, and more. These are the methods to solve Google TV not working on Roku.