YouTube is a streaming platform for watching videos created by individuals and media companies. It is one of the Google subsidiaries and has the most viewership worldwide (1.4 B). The contents are available in all genres like music, short film, documentary, series, news, sports, talk show, etc. The content library is uploaded with 500 hours of videos every minute, and revenue is obtained through advertising. The Roku channel store has YouTube for free installation on Roku.

Features of YouTube

  • YouTube is completely free for streaming and Ads supported. It also has a premium version to remove the ads. YouTube Premium also removes advertisements on YouTube Music and YouTube Kids.
  • It has a wide variety of videos with endless streaming and has categories for easy access to the desired videos.
  • The youtube app allows users to create their own channels and upload videos. It has an effective studio app exclusive for YouTube. The app provides the facility to like, dislike, comment, share, download, chat live and save to watch later the videos.
  • It offers rental and buying of films, series and TV shows. Youtube also has contents from on house production YouTube Originals.
  • It provides subtitles for videos in multiple languages. YouTube provides an option to select the streaming quality from 120p to 4K.
  • It has a “subscribe” option to get an instant update on the screen as the channels to upload a new video, and there is also an option to get notification of videos from channels.

Pricing of YouTube Premium

YouTube has a premium version for ad-free streaming, background playing, downloads, and YouTube Music Premium. The subscription cost is $ 11.99 per month, and you can add five members to the subscription with an extra $6. It has a one month free trial period for the premium.

How to add YouTube on Roku

Step 1: Connect Roku device to the TV HDMI port and launch Roku.

Step 2: Press Home button in the remote and select Streaming Channels by scrolling down.

Select Streaming channels
Streaming Channels

Step 3: In the channel store, scroll down and select Top Free.

Select Top Free in the channel store
Top Free

Step 4: Search and choose YouTube app in the Channel Store.

Step 5: Select Add Channel to install YouTube on Roku and click OK in the Prompt.

Select Add Channel to install YouTube on Roku
Add Channel

Steps to Activate YouTube on Roku

You can watch videos on YouTube without activating your account. If you link your account, you can view the subscribed channels and their videos.

Step 1: Search and launch YouTube app in the Roku Home screen.

Launch YouTube on Roku
Open YouTube app

Step 2: Scroll the menu at the left and select Account.

Step 3: Select Sign In and click Try Another way. An activation code appears on the screen.

Step 4: Go to the YouTube activation site on your mobile or PC. Sign in with your Google account.

Step 5: Enter the activation code and it will activate YouTube app on Roku.

Enter the activation code
Enter Code

Thus, with the above steps, You can watch YouTube on Roku for streaming your favorite videos. YouTube is the best video streaming app available for free with a huge content library. It partnered with Corporate media companies for sharing their videos and previews in the app. If you have any queries in watching YouTube videos on Roku using the above steps, please specify it in the comments.


1. Can i stream YouTube videos on Roku?

You can stream YouTube videos on Roku by installing YouTube apps. You can follow the above steps for the easy installation of YouTube.

2. How much does YouTube premium cost?

YouTube Premium costs $11.99 per month. The premium includes ad-free, background play, downloads, and YouTube Music Premium. It offers a free trial period of 1 month for a premium.

3. What is background Play?

Background Play is a premium feature for streaming the videos in the background and using other apps on the device or simply turning off the screen.