Google Drive is a platform that is similar to Dropbox in that you can take a backup of all your important files. Here, Google Drive is a cloud storage platform that is developed by Google Inc. Initially; you will get 15 hours of storage free for all users who are to sign in with their Google account. The Google Drive app is available for all Android devices like smartphones and tablets by default. But there is no official Google Drive app on the Roku Channel Store. But you use the third-party app named Roksbox for Google Drive available on the Channel store to access your Google Drive files on Roku.

How to Access Google Drive Files on Roku

1. Go to the Streaming Channels from the home screen.

Select Streaming Channels

2. Next, scroll down and select the Search Channels option.

Select Search Channels - Google Drive on Roku

3. Use the on-screen keys to enter and search for Roksbox for Google Drive.

4. Choose Roksbox for Google Drive from the suggestion list and select the Add Channel button.

5. Now, the adding process will start to begin.

6. Once the Roksbox for Google Drive is added, select the Ok button from the prompt.

7. On the next screen, select the Go to Channel to launch Roksbox for Google Drive.

How to Use Roksbox for Google Drive

1. Launch the Roksbox for Google Drive and select the My Options from the home screen.

2. Next, choose the Setup Wizard option.

3. Scroll down and select the Google Drive option.

4. Follow the on-screen prompts and sign in with your Google Account.

5. After settings up your Google account, return to the home screen and select any options like Videos, Photos, and music to access your Google Drive files.

Access Google Drive on Roku

Alternative Method – Cast Google Drive to Roku

If you don’t want to use the third-party apps to access your Google Drive files, you screen mirror the Google Drive app available on the Google Play Store or App Store.


1. Enable the Screen mirroring on Roku.

2. Turn on AirPlay on Roku

3. Connect mirroring devices, i.e., Android or iOS devices and Roku to the same wifi network.

Screen Mirror Google Drive to Roku from Android Devices

1. Launch the Google Drive app. If the Google Drive app doesn’t come pre-installed for you, install the app from the Google Play Store.

2. Sign in with your Google Account.

3. Bring down the Notification Panel and tap on the Cast icon.

Tap on Cast - Google Drive on Roku

4. From the list of scanned devices, choose your Roku.

5. Your Android device will now be mirrored to Roku.

6. Go back to the Google Drive app and mirror its content to Roku.

Screen Mirror Google Drive to Roku from iOS Devices

1. Open the App Store and install the Google Drive app.

Google Drive Download link: App Store

2. Next, launch the Control Center and tap on the Screen Mirroring icon.

Tap on Screen Mirroring

3. Choose your Roku device from the available device list.

4. After that, open the Google Drive app and sign in to your Google Account.

5. Choose any media files and mirror them to Roku.

Screen Mirror Google Drive to Roku from PC

Connect your PC and Roku to the same wifi network and follow the steps below:

1. Open a web browser and visit the official website of Google Drive:

2. Sign in to your Google Account.

3. Press the Windows+K keys on your keyboard simultaneously.

4. From the Connect window, choose your Roku device.

Select your Roku device

5. Once connected, your PC’s screen will be mirrored to Roku.

6. Go back to Google Drive’s web page and select any media files to mirror them to Roku.


1. Is Google Drive no longer free?

For each user, you can store media files up to 15 GB.

2. What is the replacement for Google Drive?

Dropbox is the best replacement for Google Drive.