Deezer is an online music streaming service that allows you to listen to musical content. You can access millions of tracks in one tap. You can explore 73+ Million songs with Deezer free. Deezer has a HiFi setting that plays lossless FLAC files at 16-bit/44.1kHz. Deezer’s free audio quality tops out 128kbps through Mp3 files, and Deezer’s premium is 320kpbs. It is one of the best streaming services that focus on sound quality. It grants unlimited listening on all devices, unlimited song skips, and full lyrics. You can listen to songs even offline. Deezer app is available on the Roku Channel Store, and you can install it directly on your device.

How to Add Deezer app on Roku?

As mentioned earlier, Deezer is officially available on the Channel Store. Follow the steps below to add Deezer on your device:

1. Turn on your Roku device and press the Home button. You will land on the Home page.

2. On the sidebar, navigate to the Streaming Channels option.

3. Under the Streaming Channels option, click on the Search channels option.

4. Type Deezer on the search bar using the on-screen keyboard.

5. Click on the Add channel option to install the app on your device.

Deezer on Roku

6. Click on Go to Channel option to launch the app on your device.

7. Enter your Deezer login details.

8. Play any music and start listening on your Roku device.

Deezer on Roku

Deezer Alternatives on Roku

Below are the alternative channels available on Roku. You can install these apps and start listening to your favorite music as well.

  1. YouTube Music
  2. Spotify
  3. Amazon Music
  4. MusicUp
  5. Soundcloud
  6. BandCamp


Deezer premium is the cheapest plan which costs $9.99/ 9.99 Pound/ AU$11.99 per month. The online music service is popular in its country of origin. Deezer is considered to be the most used mobile app among 15-34 years old in France. It allows users to listen to music content. Deezer was founded in 2007, and currently, it has 14 million active users. With the Deezer family, you can link up to 13 devices and play music on multiple devices.