CNBC is the world’s best business news channel owned by NBC Universal business group. It was established on April 17, 1989. There is a difference between NBC and CNBC. NBC is all about news, sports, and entertainment whereas CNBC is about business news. You can watch CNBC on Roku through few streaming services as well. CNBC stands for Customer News Business Channel. If you don’t have cable and want to watch business news, you can go for CNBC on your Roku.

How to Watch CNBC Live on Roku?

CNBC live on Roku

1. Connect your Roku device to the TV and go to the Home Screen.

2. Navigate to the Streaming Channels section on the sidebar.

3. From the Streaming Channels section, scroll down to the Search Channels option.

4. Enter the search term CNBC in the search bar.

5. Select the CNBC app from the suggestions and then press OK.

6. On the app info screen, click on the Add channel button.

7. On successful installation, you will get a prompt. Click OK on the prompt.

8. After installing the app, click on Go to Channel option to launch the app.

9. Open the app and log in with the credentials.

Now you can watch CNBC on your favorite streaming service.

Alternative Ways to Stream CNBC on Roku

Below are a few streaming services that allow you to stream CNBC on your Roku:

  1. Hulu Live TV
  2. Sling TV
  3. fuboTV
  4. YouTube TV
  5. AT&T TV

Hulu Live TV


Hulu hosts billions of Live TV channels. One can check out the list of channels available on Hulu Live Tv. It is one of the best live streaming services that have lots of features. You can use Hulu on two screens at once. The cost of Hulu is $69.99 per month. Hulu contains 6 customizable profiles. The basic package contains 50 hours of cloud DVR storage.

Sling TV

sling TV CNBC on Roku

Sling TV is the most affordable way to stream CNBC. The Blue package cost is $35 per month, and you have to sign in with the package. Sling TV has various features where you can sign in with three devices simultaneously. Sling TV is supported on Windows, laptops, Android, and iOS. It also offers on-demand and cloud DVR. You can go for a free trial and check if the streaming service suits you.


Fubo TV CNBC on Roku

Fubo TV contains 250 hours of Cloud DVR storage. You can watch it on three screens at the same time. Fubo TV app is available on Apple TV, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV. Fubo TV hosts 70+ channels, and Fubo TV costs $64.99 per month. You can check the review of Fubo TV by Signing Up with a 1-week free trial.

CNBC on Roku using YouTube TV

The basic package of YouTube TV is $64.99 per month. You can stream three devices at a time. YouTube TV is supported on Roku, Android, iOS, and more. It has unlimited cloud DVR storage. You can check the review of YouTube TV by signing up with the 1-week free trial.

CNBC on Roku using AT&T TV

AT&T TV is one of the best ways to watch CNBC without cable. It costs $69.99 per month. You can stream three devices at a time. It is a cloud-based DVR. AT&T TV app is available on Apple TV, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

Wrapping Up

The above are the different ways to stream CNBC on your Roku streaming device. You can either install the CNBC app directly or use the other streaming services to stream the service on your TV. CNBC is one of the best business news channels available. If you have any queries, ask us in the comment section below.