TSN is a Canadian-based sports specialty channel focusing on live sports, sports talks, and records event telecasts. Moreover, they were Canada’s first broadcaster of the National Hockey League. It offers high-definition sports news coverage with updates on scores, highlights, and commentary for NHL, NBA, CFL, NBA, and more. Fortunately, the TSN app is now available on the Roku Channel store, so we can enjoy streaming them on a bigger screen.

Features of TSN

Broadcast Live sports & TV showsEnhanced DVR feature
Provides Video highlights, stat, & analysisSupports TSN 5G View
Offers On-demand VideosTSN Radio & Podcast Live Stream

Subscriptions Plans of TSN

If you haven’t got the TSN channel from your cable TV Provider. TSN provides you with three different plans. They are:

1.Monthly Pass$19.99/ month
2.4-Month Pass (Limited Time)$49.96/ month
3.Annual Pass (Limited Time)$199.90/month

How to Create TSN Account

(1) On your Windows PC or Mac, go to the TSN official website or click here.

(2) Select Sign In and click on Subscribe Now.

Select Subscribe Now

(3) On the Subscribe to TSN page, enter your email address and Phone Number.

Subscribe to TSN

(4) Click on the Continue option and follow the on-screen instructions to create a TSN account.

Methods to Add TSN Channel to Roku

You can only access the channel after adding them to your Roku account. However, you can do it in multiple ways,

  • Add TSN Channel on Roku Device Via Roku Channel Store
  • Adding TSN Channel Using PC

How to Add and Access TSN Roku Channel from Roku Channel Store

1. On your Roku device, tap the Home button on your Roku remote.

2. Go to the Streaming Channels tab, and click on the Search Channel option.

Streaming Channel Option

3. Using the Virtual Keyboard, look for the TSN application.

Search Channel Option

4. Click on the Add Channel option on the channel description page.

5. Wait until the installation process is completed; click on the Ok option on the prompt.

6. Finally, click on the Go to Channel option and launch the TSN application.

7. Now, you can log in using the appropriate credentials to stream live sports events.

How to Add TSN Channel on Roku using PC

1. Go to the Roku channel store’s official website on your Windows PC or Mac or click here.

2. Log in to the Roku website using the same account credential as your Roku device.

3. Using the Search option, look for the TSN app.

TSN on Roku website

4. Click the Add Channel option to install the TSN Channel app on your Roku device.

Note: By doing so, the channel will be added to the Roku device within 24 hours of initiating the process.

Alternative Methods to Screen Mirror TSN on Roku

Though the application is available on Roku devices, screen mirroring contents using your mobile or PC would be much simpler than handling a Roku device. So here is the reliable that can be used for screen mirroring TSN Channel.


  • Ensure the Screening device and Roku are connected to the same WiFi network.
  • Turn on Screen Mirroring or AirPlay on your Roku device, depending on the device you use for screen mirroring.

How to Stream TSN on Roku from Smartphone [iOS & Android]

1. Open your Smartphone and go to Notification Panel on an Android device or Control Center on an iOS device.

2. Select the Cast or Screen Mirroring icon, choose your Roku device from the list of available devices and select OK.

Cast or Screen Mirroring icon

3. The contents on your smartphone’s screen will be screened to your Roku.

4. Open the TSN app. If you don’t have it, you can download it from Play Store or App Store.

5. Login using your TSN Account or TV provider subscription.

6. You will now be able to stream sports matches on TSN with Roku.

How to Screen Mirror TSN on Roku from Windows PC

1. On your PC or Laptop, navigate to the Windows icon and click on the Settings tab.

2. Locate the Settings option and click on the Display option.

system option

3. Under the Multiple Display tab, click on the Connect to a wireless display option.

Multiple Display

4. From the list of available devices, click on the appropriate Roku device.

5. By doing so, you can see the PC’s screen on the Roku-connected TV.

6. Now, log in to the TSN account and enjoy streaming any live sports of your choice from the Windows PC.


Is TSN only available in Canada?

Yes, TSN is only available in Canada. It is not possible to watch it outside of Canada because of geo-restrictions and distribution rights,

How to watch TSN without a TV provider subscription?

You need to subscribe to TSN on their official website to watch it without any TV provider subscription.