PlayOn is an efficient method to organize and consolidate your streaming media with DVR storage. It allows us to record and download content, but you will have to pay for a subscription to utilize this feature. The recording feature on PlayOn on Roku helps you record Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, Disney+, HBO, and more. Later, you can access the media file on your iOS or Android device.

Features of PlayOn on Roku TV

  • Unlimited recordings and download with low cost
  • It can be accessed with your mobile phone
  • You can skip the ads while watching the recorded show
  • Automatically records the new episodes as soon as they are released
  • Records the entire season with a single tick.
  • Enables close captioning and subtitles when you watch
  • Has 24/7 email support for customers

How to get PlayOn on Roku

It is available on the Roku channel store; add it to your streaming channel and watch the videos on your Roku device.

1. Switch on your Roku device and press the Home button.

2. From the Main menu, select the Streaming channel option.

Click on the streaming channels option

3. Then, select the Search Channel option from the menu.

search PlayOn from Roku channels

4. An Virtual keyboard appears on the screen.

5. Then, search for PlayOn app.

6. From the search result, select the app icon.

7. Click the OK button after this process.

8. Select the Go to channel option and launch PlayOn.

9. Open the app and select the video that you need.

10. Play and watch it on a Roku player.

How to Get PlayOn from Roku Site

1. Open Roku’s official website on any default browsers using your PC or Mac.

2. Select and sign in with your Google account.

Sign in to get PlayOn on Roku

3. Move to the Search bar and type PlayOn.

Move to the search bar and type PlayOn

4. From the search result, select the PlayOn icon.

5. Then, Click on the Add Channel Button from the screen.

6. PlayOn will be activated within 24 to the Roku store.

Note: Update your Roku device to get the PlayOn app immediately.

How to Use PlayOn Channel on Roku Using PC

Though we don’t have some of the popular streaming platforms on Roku. The PlayOn channel will make it happen from the Windows PC.

1. First, install PlayOn on your Roku device.

2. On your PC browser, go to PlayOn’s official website.

3. You will have to choose the suitable subscription plan to download the content to the PC’s hard drive or the Cloud storage.

subscription plan

4. Select PlayOn Desktop to set up the account with the appropriate personal and payment details.

5. On your PC, install the PlayOn app from their official website.

6. Now, launch the app and log in using the credentials.

7. And download your favorite movies or content from streaming services like Netflix, Prime Videos, and more.

8. Finally, you can simply log in to the PlayOn channel on your Roku device, using the same credentials to watch the downloaded content.

Tips! Fortunately, this would be helpful when you cannot access WiFi.


What is the cost of PlayOn’s subscription?

The subscription cost of PlayOn would be up to $4.99 per month and $39.99 annually.