Funimation is the best place to access anime content in teh USA. In the Funimation app, you can get anime movies and series from Japan. All the anime content available on the Funimation app is subbed and dubbed in more than five languages. You can get the Funimation app on Roku from the Channel Store. Now let’s discuss the procedure to watch anime on Roku with the help of the Funimation app.

Features of Funimation

  • The Funimation library will be updated frequently every week.
  • In the Funimation app, you can download the episodes and watch them offline anytime.
  • Using the Favorites menu, you can create and add your shows to the favorite lists.
  • All the popular anime content streamed in Japan will be added to the Funimation app within two weeks.
  • With cross-platform support, all your watch history will be synced across the devices and you won’t lose any progress between the devices.


Funimation offers two types of subscriptions.

  • Premium – $7.99 per month or $79.99 per year
  • Premium Plus – $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year

In the Premium plan, you can watch ad-free content with two simultaneous streams. In the Premium Plus plan, you can download video tiles offline with five simultaneous streams. Both plans offer a 14-day free trial to new users.

How to Get Funimation Free Trial

(1) Go to the Funimation website ( on your PC.

2) Scroll down to the bottom and tap the Start My Free Trial button.

Funimation Free Trial

(3) Enter your mail ID and password and click the Continue button.

Enter your email and password

(4) Choose the plan you want and enter your payment information.

(5) Once the payment is verified, your free trial will be activated.

(6) If you don’t cancel the free trial within 14 days, you will be billed based on your subscription.

How to Install Funimation on Roku

(1) Make sure to connect your Roku streaming device to the internet.

(2) Press the Home button and go to the Roku Channel Store by clicking on the Streaming Channels.

Roku Home Screen

(3) On the Roku Channel Channel Store, click on the Search Channels option.

Roku Channel Store

(4) Type Funimation with the help of the remote on the search screen. Select the app from the search results.

Roku Search

(5) Click on the Add Channel button on the app info screen. The channel will be downloaded and added to your streaming device.

Alternate Way to Get Funimaton on Roku

Using the Roku Channel Store website, you can add apps on Roku remotely. For this, you need to access your PC.

(1) Open a web browser on your PC and go to the Roku Channel Store website (

(2) Click the Sign In button and login with your Roku account.

(3) Now, go to the Search bar and type Funimation.

(4) From the search results, click the Details button on the Funimation app.

(5) On the next screen, tap the + Add Channel button. This will install the app on your Roku.

Channel Store

(6) If the app is not installed on your device, restart the Roku to get the app.

(7) Launch the channel by clicking on Go to Channel button.

How to Activate Funimation on Roku

(1) Open the Funimation app on Roku.

(2) Click the Login button to get the activation code.

(3) Now, go to the Funimation activation website (

(4) On the webpage, enter the activation code and click the Activate button.

Activate Funimation on Roku

(5) Now, log in with your Funimation account to complete the activation.

(6) After that, the Funimation app on your Roku device will be linked to your account. You can watch all the anime content

Funimation Not Working on Roku

With the recent merger between Funimation and Crunchyroll, a majority of anime content from the Funimation platform has moved to Crunchyroll. So, a lot of anime movies and series won’t be available on the Funimation app. To stream those content, install the Crunchyroll app on Roku.

If the Funimation app is not loading on your Roku device, you need to check the internet connection. Make sure that the router is delivering a stable internet connection. You can restart the router to fix internet issues.

If the Funimation app is repeatedly crashing on Roku, you need to update the app. There is no option to update apps on Roku. You need to update the Roku device to update apps on Roku. Updating the app or device will fix major issues and resolve bugs.


1. Is Funimation on Amazon Prime?

No, the Funimation channel is not included in the Amazon Prime Video channels.