Xfinity Stream is a streaming service platform that comes for free with a subscription to Xfinity internet or Xfinity TV. It is also available on Firestick, Roku, and other devices. For quite some time, users have been facing persisting issues on Roku that cause Xfinity Stream not working problem. So, when the problem occurs, you should take some measures to tackle that problem. The article is only about helping the Xfinity Stream users to stream back again on the Roku device. You can continue reading this article below for fixes related to Xfinity Stream Not Working on Roku issue.

How to Fix Xfinity Stream Not Working on Roku Issue

Some of the common fixes you can try are:

1. Check the HDMI connection.

2. Check your Roku remote.

3. Restart your Router.

4. Login and Logout of the Xfinity Stream.

Now let us see the detailed description about all of these common fixes to fix your Xfinity app not working on your Roku issue.

1. Check the HDMI Connection.

Check the HDMI connection of your Roku. Because if it is not connected correctly, your Roku device will respond differently based on your command. Also, you can see glitches on the screen of your TV. So, it is necessary to connect the HDMI cable properly to run your Roku device and your TV smoothly without any problems.

Check the HDMI connection to fix the Xfinity Stream not working on your Roku issue.

2. Check your Roku Remote

If your TVs screen froze in the middle while streaming Xfinity Stream, you could not conclude whether the problem is with your Roku device or the Xfinity Stream. Sometimes, the problem might be your Roku remote. So, check if your Roku remote is working or not. The physical damage of your Roku remote might be the reason for Xfinity Stream not working. Replace your Roku remote for a permanent fix.

Check your Roku remote to fix the Xfinity Stream not working on your Roku issue.

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3. Restart your Router

A router is an important source to get an internet connection. So, if your router is not working properly, Xfinity may not load. Then, you can’t stream any content on your Roku device without an internet connection. So, fix the router issue, if any, and get back in line to stream your favorites on Xfinity Stream. Don’t forget to try restarting your router to fix the connectivity issues.

Restart your Router.

4. Logout and Login to Xfinity Stream

Some technical glitches on the Xfinity Stream app may cause the issue. Try logging out of the Xfinity Stream app. Wait for some time and try logging in again to see if the fix worked or not. This method is the most used and worked method among all.

Other Possible Fixes for Xfinity Stream Not Working Issue

The fixes discussed below will also help you fix Xfinity Stream not working on the Roku.

1. Restart Roku

Restarting your Roku device will fix the lagging issues and will result in speeding up the performance. So, you can restart your Roku device by following the steps below.

1. Turn on both your Roku device and your TV.

2. Press the Home button on your Roku remote.

3, From the Home screen, select Settings > System.

Select System.

4. Under System, select System Restart > Restart.

Select Restart to fix the Xfinity Stream not working on your Roku issue.

Now, your Roku device will restart within a minute.

2. Update Roku

Updating your Roku device will clear the bugs and errors residing on your Roku device. So, you can update your Roku to fix the Xfinity Stream not working on your Roku issue.

1. Select the Settings from the home screen.

2. Then, select System > System Update.

3. Select Check Now to check for updates

Update your Roku device.

4. If an update is found, you can select Download and Install button to install the Updates to your Roku device automatically.

Check the Xfinity Stream app after installing your Roku device to the new firmware.

3. Factory Reset Roku

Factory reset your Roku device and restore the same performance as your Roku device when you start using the device for the first time.

1. From the Home screen, select Settings.

2. Then, select System.

3. From the System, select Advanced System Settings.

4. Now select Factory Reset.

5. Enter the PIN and select OK to start the Factory Reset Process.

Factory Reset Roku.

All the data stored on your device will be cleared as well as the bugs in it. Then, you can add the Xfinity Stream application on your Roku and start to stream on it again.

That’s all. These are all the possible tricks and methods to fix the Xfinity Stream not working. When nothing worked in resolving the issue, we recommend you to contact Roku support or Xfinity Support. With this, you will get technical assistance and that may help you stream Xfinity Stream on Roku. Also, mention us in the comment below if these fixes worked for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does power cycling Roku will fix Xfinity Stream not working issue?

Yes. You can disconnect your Roku from the power source, reset it for some time, and plug it back in. Now, check if the issue has been fixed.

How to fix Xfinity Stream beta not working?

To fix the Xfinity Stream beta not working on Roku, you should delete the Xfinity Stream app and reinstall it again on your smart TV.