Twitch is a streaming platform for live games and on-demand broadcast. It is initially launched for esports broadcasting and grown to other areas like music, talk shows, travel, cooking. It customizes the streams based on users’ choices. Though Twitch is unavailable in the Roku channels store, you can install twitch on Roku using channel code. Let’s discuss the steps to watch Twitch on Roku.

twitch on Roku

Features of Twitch

  • Twitch has a video game streaming facility to offer an excellent gaming experience for gamers and let them chat with other players while playing games on Twitch.
  • Twitch allows the user to broadcast their own streams and can chat with the viewers in real-time.
  • It provides follow and chat options to connect to others in twitch. It has a special feature called chatroom for each stream and others can join in the conversation.
  • The Talkshow category offers live panel discussions, podcasts, and variety shows. The cooking category consists of cooking and food-related shows.
  • It has community meetups to get in touch with others in real-time and the community meetups are hosted in 40+ cities in the world.

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Steps to Watch Twitch on Roku

Step 1: Open the Roku official website on the smartphone or PC.

Step 2: Sign in to your Roku account with Email and Password. For signup click Create Account.

Login Roku account

Step 3: Select Manage Accounts and click Add channel with a code.

select Add Channel with a code

Step 4: Enter TwitchTV in the channel access code box and select Add Channel.

select add channel - twitch on Roku

Step 5: Select Ok in the warning prompt from Roku for Non-certified channel.

select Ok in prompt

Step 6: In the next screen, select Yes, add channel to get Twitch on Roku.

select Yes, add channel to get twitch on Roku

Step 7: Once it is added, Launch the Roku device and search for Twitch.

Step 8: If you cannot find Twitch on Roku, go to the settings and select system.

Step 9: Click System Update and select Check now. If there is any update, follow the on-screen instructions. Now you can find the Twitch on Roku.

Hence, you can stream Twitch on Roku by following the above steps. Twitch is famous for its video game streams and related content but they are also focusing on other genres for delivering a complete package. If you have any queries in following the above steps, please do let us know in the comments.

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1. Can i install Twitch on Roku?

You can install Twitch on Roku by using the channels access code and you can go through the above steps for easy installation.

2. Does Twitch has parental control?

No, Twitch does not have parental control for monitoring their kid’s activity. The safety protocol available in twitch is that it does not allow sign up below 13 years.

3. Can I chat while playing in Twitch?

You can chat with others in twitch while playing and you can also create your own chatroom in broadcasting.

4. Does Twitch moderate the contents?

Twitch moderate contents for keeping it a healthy space for interaction and it removes hatred and unwanted contents.

5. What is the use of AutoMod on twitch?

AutoMod is a tool to maintain the decorum of the chatroom and it has a Channel moderator for monitoring the chats. The moderator can allow or deny any message to the chat.