Roku is a streaming device to stream the latest and most interesting content. It supports virtual streaming on popular media like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and so much more. Roku is one of the media players with the easiest user interfaces. The Roku remote, which comes with the Roku device, makes the navigation and user control easy. There may be times Roku brings in issues, and you should fix it up to continue using the Roku TV. However, the Roku Remote not working issues can be resolved. Read on this article to know the troubleshooting methods.

To fix Roku remote not working

Type of Roku Remote

Roku TV remotes fall under two categories: Simple Remote and Voice Remote.

Simple Remote: It is a simple remote you should point directly at the Roku TV. It uses IR light to transmit button presses a short distance. The remote starts setting up upon inserting the batteries.

Voice Remote: It works with a wireless connection, and you need not point it directly at the Roku TV and press the buttons. Roku device will use Pairing as the discovery process to find the new remote.

Possible Ways to Fix Roku Remote Not Working

Below are the given ways to fix the Roku TV remote not working issue.

Check for Blocked IR Signal

If you have a simple remote, it is vital to remove the obstructions or the blocks the signal line and Roku. In addition, you should ensure that the signal is clear.

Check the Batteries

Sometimes the dead batteries will be the reason for Roku remote controller to bring in issues. So, check and replace the weak or dead batteries with a new pair. If so, you shall remove them, insert the new batteries, and start using the remote.

Remove Batteries

Try Roku App

If your Roku remote fails to work after all the fixes, you should try the Roku app. It is available on the Play Store and App Store. With this, you shall navigate on your Roku TV effortlessly.

Roku App

Buy a Replacement Remote

If your Roku remote is damaged or malfunctioned, you might not be able to use it. As a result, you will find Roku remote not working issue. In that case, you shall buy a replacement remote and pair it to start using it on your Roku TV.

Check for the Network Connection

If you have Roku streaming sticks, it supports only WIFI connectivity. However, Roku players support both wired and wireless network connectivity. So, check for the connectivity and connect it accordingly.

Reset the Roku Remote

Following are the steps how to reset the Roku remote.

[1] First and foremost, take the batteries of the Roku remote out.

[2] Then, unplug the power cable from Roku devices for ten seconds and plugin back.

[3] When you get the Roku home screen, reinsert the batteries.

[4] Press and hold the Reset button back of the battery compartment for five seconds.


[5] You will be able to see a pairing light flashing to denote the reset has begun.

Thus these are the steps to reset the Roku remote if it doesn’t work.

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Roku Remote Constantly Stops Working – Fix

Roku remote constantly stopped working, and the no light in the Roku remote is a common issue. It can be fixed easily by a quick restart. Following are the steps how to restart the Roku remote.

[1] Go to the home screen of the Roku device.

Roku home screen

[2] Navigate to the Settings menu.

Click the Settings option

[3] Following choose the System option.

[4] Then select the System restart option.

[5] Now choose the OK option, and the Roku will restart, and the problem will be solved.

How to Fix if Roku Remote Volume Not Working Issue

Following are the steps to fix if the Roku remote volume is not working issue.

[1] First and foremost, press the Volume button five times.

[2] Press the Up button once on the navigation key.

[3] Then, press the Rewind button two times.

Press the Rewind button to fix the Roku remote not working

[4] Furthermore, press the Fast Forward button two times.

Press the Fast forward button to fix the Roku remote not working

Therefore, these are the steps to fix if the Roku remote Volume is not working.

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To Conclude

Those were all the possible ways to fix Roku remote not working issue. You can try them all one by one and check if you can navigate on your Roku TV interface. We recommend you buy a replacement remote and pair it when nothing has worked. Drop a comment below if you want us to answer any queries.