If you lost your Roku TV Remote or if it is not working, there is no need to get worried. Because the advanced Roku Device enables the user to use their Android, iOS, or Windows devices to use it. Hence you no need to buy a new remote instead you can use your mobile as a smart remote. If you are wondering how to control your Roku without a remote, just follow the below section on how to turn on Roku TV without a Remote.

How to Turn On Roku TV without Remote

Features of Roku Mobile App as Remote

The below mentioned points are the advantages of using Roku Mobile App as Remote.

  • It is the best alternative for the Roku Remote.
  • You can play games using Roku Mobile App as Remote.
  • It supports voice search or voice command.
  • This app enables quick launch and easy operations.
  • It allows screen mirroring for compatible devices.

Turn On Your Roku TV without Remote

You can easily turn-on and control your Roku TV by means of the Roku Mobile Application. It has all the features of the Roku TV remote. Observe the below steps.

1. Connect both the Roku device and mobile device to the same Wi-Fi network.

2. Download and Install the Roku mobile application on your mobile or PC.

How to Turn On Roku TV without Remote

3. Open the installed app and Agree to the terms & services if you are using it for the first time.

4. The Homepage of the Roku Mobile Application will appear.

5. Click the Devices option at the bottom of the screen and pick your Roku devices to pair.

6. Tap the Remote option or Plus-shaped icon in the page.


7. Now, you can turn-on your Roku TV alike using a Roku TV remote.


Add Channels on Roku TV without remote

Let’s see how to add channels on Roku TV without remote.

1. Switch-on the Roku home screen using Roku Mobile App remote.

2. Navigate to the Streaming Channels and then to Search option.

3. Search for any of your favorite channel and tap Add channel button.

4. In this way, you can add channels on Roku TV using Roku Mobile App as a remote.

Stream Roku Channels without remote

You can start streaming the Roku channels on your Roku TV without a remote using the Roku Mobile App. Follow these steps.

(1) Launch the Roku Mobile App on your Mobile.

(2) Navigate to the My Channels option and your Roku account will display a list of channels.

(3) Select any Channel and start streaming on your Roku TV.


Can you use the Roku app as a remote?

You can absolutely use the Roku app as a remote. It is available in the Play Store and App Store. So, you can get the app on your Smartphone and can control your Roku TV.

How do I turn on Roku TV with the app?

You can turn On the Roku TV the same way you did with any Roku device. But if you turn off the Roku TV, you must turn it on within 12 minutes of powering the TV off. Else the TV’s Wi-Fi connection shuts down and you will need to use the TV remote to power on the Roku TV. You must reconnect the Roku mobile app again to control the TV.

Where is the power button on a Roku TV?

There is a power button available on your Roku TV. It’s on the bottom of the TV in the middle of the square plastic led housing which is at the center of the TV.

Should I reset my Roku?

When your device is stuck on a screen, it is good to reset it to the factory settings. But, you will lose all the data that are stored in the cloud.