Roblox is a one-stop platform that offers 1000+ games in all genres like shooting, racing, etc. Even though Roku is filled up with fun games, it only has classic collections. But with Roblox, you can get to play all of the trending games in one place. Moreover, you also have the option to play the Roblox games on your Roku.

How to Get Roblox on Roku

Roblox is unavailable for Roku. But it can be installed on Android devices, iOS devices, and Windows PC. So, you can stream the gameplay of Roblox on Roku in three ways. They are:

  • Screen Mirror Roblox from Android devices
  • Screen Mirror Roblox from iOS devices
  • Screen Mirror Roblox from PC

Supporting Devices:

  • Android – OS 5.0 or higher.
  • iOS – iPhone 4s or higher, iPad 2 or higher, and Mac with supported browsers like Chrome and Firefox.
  • PC – With process 1.6Hz or higher & a minimum requirement of 1 GB RAM and 20 Mb storage space.


  • Download and install the Roblox official app from Play Store on your Android phone or from App Store on your iOS device.
  • Connect the mirroring device that you are using, i.e, Android device, iOS device, or PC and Roku to the same wifi network.

To Screen Mirror Roblox from Smartphones

Enable Screen mirroring and the AirPlay option on your Roku. And the next step is,

On your Android Device:

[1] Swipe down to open the Notification Panel and tap on the Cast option.

Cast Roblox on Roku

[2] Select your Roku device from the list of available devices.

[3] Your Android device gets cast onto your Roku TV screen.

[4] Now launch the Roblox app and Log In.

Login Roblox

Play any Roblox game on your Android device and watch the gameplay on the Roku screen.

On your iOS Device:

[1] Swipe your Android device’s screen from up to down and open the Control Center. Then, tap the Screen Mirroring option.

Screen Mirror Roblox on Roku

[2] Now select your Roku from the list of devices available.

[3] Your iOS device’s screen is now cast on the Roku TV screen.

[4] Now, launch the Roblox app and play any games you like.

After that, you can stream the gameplay on your Roku TV screen.

To SCreen Mirror Roblox from PC:

[1] Install the Roblox app on your Windows PC from the Microsoft Store.

[2] Next, launch the app after installation.

[3] Sign in or create an account on Roblox.

[4] Then, choose a game and play it.

[5] Now, on your keyboard, press the Windows + K keys on your keyboard simultaneously.

[6] From the Connect window that appears on the screen, select your Roku device.

Select Roku

[7] Now, your Windows PC’s screen will mirror to your Roku TV display.

[8] Go back to the Roblox app and stream the gameplay on your Roku.


Both the above-mentioned methods are effective for adding and playing Roblox on Roku. Roblox is free to play with in-game purchases available through a virtual currency called Robux. Currently, there are 164 million monthly active users in which, and more than half of them are children under 16, indicating how easy its interface is. With Roblox, you can create your own little worlds or games, customize your avatar, and more.


(1) Is there paid games on Roblox?

Most Roblox games are free to play and don’t require any payment. However, there are paid games and in-app purchases also available within.

(2) Can I make money by developing Roblox games?

Of course, yes! If you want to make money, you can charge people a fee to play your game between 25 and 1,000 Robux.