Peacock is a subscription video streaming service that streams original shows, blockbuster movies, and classic television series. In addition, it gives access to 1500 hours of content, including news, entertainment sports, and plenty of shows. Peacock TV is available on all streaming platforms, including Android, iPhone, Fire TV Stick, Roku, Google TV, and much more. You can install the Peacock TV channel on your Roku using the Channel Store.

Peacock TV Susbcription

Peacock TV has two tiers. The two tiers are Peacock free and then the Peacock Premium. The Peacock free plan is free that the users no need to pay for this to watch the contents. The Peacock Premium plan is $4.99 per month with ads, but where the users can get access to some exclusive content. The Premium Plus option costs $9.99 per month, and it doesn’t contain any advertisements. It also allows the next-day access to the current season of the NBCU series and early access to late-night shows, Peacock Originals.

How to Install Peacock TV on Roku

Following are the steps to download and watch Peacock TV on Roku.

[1] First and foremost, press the Home button on the Roku remote to open the home page.

Roku Home page

[2] Then select the Streaming Channels option on your home page.

Select the Streaming Channels to install Peacock TV on Roku

[3] Following click on the option Search Channels.

Search for the channels

[4] Then, type in the Peacock TV using the on-screen keyboard.

[5] Select the Peacock TV from the search results and tap on Add Channel option.

Click add Channel option to add the channel

[6] Furthermore, select OK and then Go to Channel.

Tap on OK to add Peacock TV to Roku

[7] Then, select a sign-up to watch for free or tap the sign-in option.

[8] Now, enter the email and password and tap on sign in or sign up, then you will be able to watch Peacock TV on TV.

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Alternative Way: Get Peacock TV on Roku Via Roku Website

The below procedure is all you should follow to install Peacock TV on Roku devices.

1. Launch the web browser on your device and visit the Roku Channel Store.

2. Go ahead and Sign in to your account with the necessary details.

Sign in

Note: When you see Peacock TV on the list, you shall select it and skip to Step 5.

3. Use the Search bar and type as Peacock TV. Press the Enter key.

Peacock TV

4. Select the Details button under the Peacock TV tile on the search result page.

Peacock TV on Roku

5. Choose Add Channel button to get the app.

Peacock TV on Roku

6. If you get Peacock TV added successfully on your Roku account, it means the channel is added to your TV.

Peacock TV on Roku

7. You can sign in and choose to stream any shows available on the Peacock TV on your TV.

Peacock TV on Roku

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Therefore these are the steps to watch Peacock TV on Roku devices. With either of the methods, you will be able to watch Peacock TV app shows and other titles on your TV.