Jellyfin is a server-based media player that helps you stream TV shows, Movies, personal videos, and more on various streaming devices. You can install the media player on your Roku using the Channel Store or through the Jellyfin Roku client from the official website. Since the app is based on cloud services, it is easily accessible on Roku streaming devices and TVs.


  • The platform supports the Quick Connect feature to upload files with ease.
  • The thumbnail images for the video content will be blurred to recognize unwatched content.
  • All the uploaded content will be sorted out automatically based on seasons and episodes.
  • The Jellyfin app on Roku will generate subtitles and closed captions automatically.
  • Apart from video content, you can upload music files, images, and books.
  • You can share your memories with your friends.


The media player is free of cost to stream on Roku and on other compatible devices. You need a server to stream media content via Jellyfin on Roku.

How to Add Jellyfin on Roku

You can install Jellyfin on Roku by using the channel store.

#1. Turn on Roku and click on the Streaming channels option on the home screen.

Tap on the Streaming channels option

#2. Now, choose the Search Channels option and type Jellyfin.

Tap on the Search channels option and type Jellyfin on Roku

#3. Select the app from the suggestions and click on the Add Channel option.

#4. After installing, open the app to complete the setup.

How to Setup Jellyfin on Roku

Before moving to the setup process, you need to run the Jellyfin server on your PC or any other compatible devices to stream media content. You can create your own server on Jellyfin for free without any subscription by visiting the official website.

#1. Open the Jellyfin app on your Roku and enter your server address on the required field and click on the Submit button.

#2. Next, enter the Username and Password of the Jellyfin server and tap on the Submit button again.

#3. Now, your Roku will display the media contents that your server holds.

#4. Select any content from the server and start streaming media content on Roku via Jellyfin hassle-free.

How to Screen Mirror Jellyfin on Roku

If your Roku device doesn’t support the Jellyfin app, then you can use the screen mirroring option on Roku to cast the app.

#1. As a first step, go to Roku settings and enable the Screen Mirroring feature. Go to Settings System Screen MirroringScreen Mirroring ModePrompt or Always Allow to turn on the Screen Mirroring feature.

#2. Next, go to the Play Store on your Android smartphone and search for Jellyfin.

#3. Choose the app and click on the Install button.

#4. Now, open the Jellyfin app and finish the setup process.

#5. Load the server and play any video content.

#6. Next, open the Notification Panel and select the Cast icon.

Tap on Cast option on Android to screen mirror Jellyfin content to Roku

#6. From the list of available devices, choose your Roku device.

#7. Now, select any media content on the Jellyfin app and stream it on Roku.


1. Can I stream Jellyfin without a server?

Unfortunately, no. The app is designed to stream media content via a server and can’t be streamed offline.

2. What is the alternative to the Jellyfin app?

Apart from Jellyfin, you can go for Kodi, Plex, Streamio, and Emby on Roku.