Emby, just like the Plex app, is a media server that you can use to stream the personal media files on your devices from the server. This particular service is supported by various streaming services and devices including Roku. You can install the app and start streaming your personal media on your Roku. The Emby channel is available on the Roku Channel Store so it will be easier to install and stream.

How to Install and Connect Emby on Roku?

Step 1: Connect your Roku device to your TV via HDMI port and connect it to the internet.

Step 2: From the home screen, click on the Streaming Channels option.

Roku Home Screen
Streaming Channels

Step 3: On the next screen, select the Search Channels option. You will be on the Roku Channel Store search screen.

Search Channels on Roku
Search for Channels

Step 4: Type Emby on the search field with the help of on-screen keyboard and remote.

Step 5: Select the Emby app from the search results. You will land on the app information screen.

Step 6: Click on the Add Channel button on the screen.

Add Emby on Roku
Add Channel

Step 7: The app will be added to your Roku home screen. Click on Go to Channel option to launch the Emby channel on Roku.

After installing the app, you have to connect the Roku client to the Emby server to stream the contents on your TV.

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How to Connect Emby Roku client to Emby server?

Follow the steps below to connect to the Emby server:

Emby Connect

  1. While starting the client for the first time, it will negotiate a pin with Emby internet service.
  2. Go to the Emby site from any of your web browsers.
  3. Enter the login credentials and the pin that appears on the Roku screen.
  4. You will receive a message “PIN confirmed. Thank you.” on successful verification.

Scan Network

If the network connectivity is on the right spot, the server and port will be visible.

  1. Select a preferred server with the username.
  2. Choose your server >> connect.
  3. A user authentication screen will appear.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts and complete the process.

Manually Add Server

If your client is in a different broadcast domain to the server, use the following steps to troubleshoot and manually add a server.

  1. Enter the IP Address or hostname of the Emby server.
  2. Click OK to proceed further.
  3. Now enter the Emby server HTTP Server Port # (Default 8096) as configured on the Emby server under Configuration >> Advanced >> Hosting >> Local Http Port Number.

If there is any connectivity issue, you will be presented with a server setup or display name screen. Proceed with on-screen prompts to complete the setup.


1. Is Emby Free on Roku?

Emby is available on Roku Channel Store to add to your Roku. You don’t have to pay for it but still, to access the premiere features you need to pay.

2. Do I have to pay for Emby?

Most of the services offered by Emby are free. Still, there are few add-on premium services that you need to pay to access. Emby Premiere members can get some advanced services.

3. How much does Emby cost?

Emby does offer the following package:

  • Free
  • Emby Premiere: $4.99/month or $54/year or $119/lifetime access.