Cyberflix is a new streaming application that lets you stream movies and TV shows for free. It is one of the alternatives to the discontinued Terrarium TV. Like Terrarium Tv, you can stream content for free using the Cyberflix app. As it streams content for free, there are allegations against Cyberflix for streaming pirated movies. Cyberflix TV is available as an APK and you can install it on Android-based devices. If you are using Roku, then you can use the screen mirroring option to stream Cyberflix on your Roku device.

Cyberflix on Roku

How to Stream Cyberflix on Roku?

As mentioned earlier, there is no native support provided on Roku to install this application. Hence, you have use screen mirroring method to stream Cyberflix.

How to enable Screen Mirroring on Roku?

Screen Mirroring is the best way to stream Cyberflix on Roku. Hence, enable Screen Mirroring on your Roku device.

1. Connect the Roku device to your TV and you will get the Homepage.

2. Head over to the Setting option.

3. Tap the System settings in the right-side menu.

Cyberflix on Roku

4. Choose Screen mirroring option and turn on Enable screen mirroring.

5. Select either Prompt or Always Allow option to enable mirroring.

Screen mirroring

How to Screen Mirror Cyberflix on Roku using Android?

After enabling Screen Mirror on Roku, follow the steps below on your Android device:

  1. Connect both of the Roku and Android devices to the same Wifi.

2. Go to Setting on your Android device.

3. Navigate to the Bluetooth & device connection option.

4. Click on the Cast option and pick your Roku device in the list of available devices.


5. Now grant permission on your Roku device to pair with Android device.

6. Open the Cyberflix app on your Android device.

7. Play the video that you want to see on the TV.

Your video from Cyberflix will appear on the Roku TV. This is the only method available to stream Cyberflix on your Roku.

Note: Cyberflix is not legal and hence, it is not available on the Channel Store. Cyberflix APK is also not available officially as well.


Can you get CyberFlix on Roku?

There is no native app available. But you can use screen mirroring option to stream Cyberflix on your TV.

Which player works best with CyberFlix?

Cyberflix supports many external players. As it has real-debrid integration and integration, you can choose a video player of your choice. MX Player will be a better choice.

Is CyberFlix illegal?

As mentioned earlier, it is not a legal app. It streams content that are owned by others. You can use Cyberflix at your own risk.