To stream the best collection of TV programs, movies, and TV series for entertainment, then CBC Gem is the best choice. CBC Gem is one of the streaming services that is available in Canada which offers popular and local channels on its channel library. Users can stream this service only in Canada, as the service follows a strict geo-restriction policy. It offers Kids, News, Sports, and family-friendly content for free with ads and premium with no ads. Since CBC Gem is not available on Roku, you need to screen mirror its content via smartphones to access it.


  • CBC Gem offers 14 regional CBC TV channels in its library.
  • The TV content of the channel is available in HD streaming quality.
  • With CBC Gem premium, you can stream on 5 devices at the same time.
  • The app comes with Chromecast support.
  • You can add your favorite TV shows to the favorite section of the app to watch them later.


You can subscribe to the CBC Gem for a premium of $4.99 per month.

How to Screen Mirror CBC Gem on Roku from Android

Before proceeding further, you have to enable the Screen Mirroring option on Roku.

1. Connect your Roku and Android devices to the same WiFi network.

2. Download and install CBC Gem on your Android smartphone from the Play Store.

3. Go to the Notification Panel and select Cast.

Cast CBC Gem on Roku with Android device

4. Choose your Roku device to connect.

5. Now, launch the CBC Gem app and sign in to your account.

6. To stop the mirroring, click the Cast icon on the Notification Panel and tap the Disconnect button.

Screen Mirror CBC Gem on Roku from iOS

Make sure you have enabled the AirPlay option on Roku.

1. Ensure that you have connected your iPhone or iPad and Roku to the same WiFi network.

2. Launch the App Store and install the CBC Gem app.

3. Go to the Control Center and tap on the Screen Mirroring icon.

Tap Screen Mirroring and watch CBC Gem on Roku via iOS

4. Now, choose your Roku device from the available devices list.

5. Launch the CBC Gem app and enter your account credentials.

6. Now, play any video content to stream on Roku.

7. To stop the mirroring, tap the Screen Mirroring icon and unselect the Roku device.

Screen Mirror CBC Gem from Windows

Similar to Android, you have to enable screen mirroring for Windows PC. Ensure to connect your Windows PC and Roku to the same WiFi connection.

1. Visit the CBC Gem official website on your PC.

CBC Gem website

2. Click the Sign-in and enter the CBC Gem account details on the website.

3. Select and play the content on the website on your PC.

4. Now, press the Windows + K keys simultaneously.

5. Select your Roku device from the available device to watch the content.

Select your Roku device to casting

Screen Mirror CBC Gem from Mac PC

Make sure that you have enabled the Airplay on Roku to screen mirror your Mac PC.

1. Connect your Mac and Roku to the same WiFi network.

2. Go to the CBC Gem website on your Mac PC using the web browser.

3. From the top menu bar on your Mac, click the Control Center icon.

4. Click the Screen Mirroring icon and choose your Roku device from the available devices.

Tap Screen Mirroring option

5. Finally, your Mac’s screen is projected onto your Roku-connected TV to watch the content.


Can you get CBC Gem on Roku?

No, Roku Channel Store doesn’t support CBC Gem. Yet, you can watch CBC Gem through screen mirroring from a smartphone or PC.