Those addicted to TV series would have definitely come across this neo-western crime series called Breaking Bad by Vince Gilligan. The show narrated the story of Walter White, a Chemistry teacher struggling with lung cancer. The story flows in the direction of saving Walter’s family after his demise. He, with his former student Jesse Pinkman will start selling crystallized methamphetamine facing the criminal world. It features the actors Brayon Cranston, Anna Gunn, Dean Norris, etc. It has got 5 seasons that are aired on AMC, an American cable or satellite TV channel. The AMC channel is available on the Roku Channel Store, so it will easy to watch the series as the channel also offers on-demand content. Let us discuss all the possible ways to stream Breaking Bad on Roku.

How to Watch Breaking Bad on Roku?

There are various ways to stream the series on your Roku-connected TV. Consider all the following options to stream Breaking Bad. The best option will be Netflix, obviously. All the below channels are available on the Roku Channel Store. So with a proper subscription, you can stream not only Breaking Bad but various other shows too. Consider the following options to stream Breaking Bad on Roku.

  • Netflix
  • Vudu
  • FandangoNow
  • AMC
  • Amazon Prime Video


AMC on Roku to watch Breaking Bad

AMC is an American cable or satellite TV channel that is a property of AMC Network. The channel is available on the Roku Channel Store. The channel is available for free to download and it is a TV Everywhere app. It also has got a standalone application that costs $8.99/month. Apart from Breaking Bad, you can also stream The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul, Killing Eve, Fear the Walking Dead, etc.


Netflix on Roku to watch Breaking Bad

Netflix is the largest streaming service in the world. You can find any TV shows, movies, documentaries, and various other series. Netflix has got Breaking Bad, Money Heist, The Vampire Diaries, Stranger Things, etc. The Basic plan costs $9/month, the Standard plan costs $14/month, and the Premium subscription costs $18/month.



The VUDU is an online streaming service that features various movies, TV shows, and various other series. Unlike in other services, you can pay for what you want to watch. The users can buy or rent movies, TV series. The TV series is available to purchase by paying for a single episode, season, and whole series. Breaking Bad series whole five seasons costs $120.99/month.



FandangoNow was just a ticked booking site before, but later it also started streaming TV shows, movies, and TV series. Breaking Bad is one of the movies that you can stream with the FandangoNow. It costs $1.99/episode and $10.99/season. It is better to go for other options as this will cost a lot.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video on Roku

Amazon Prime is the second-largest streaming service in the world that features all the seasons of Breaking Bad and various other series. It is one of the amazing streaming services that offer various Video On Demand movies, TV shows, etc. It costs $12.99/month and $119/year. Amazon Prime Video is a reliable option to stream the series as it could benefit in more ways.

YouTube TV, iTunes Store, Google Play has also got the Breaking Bad series. But unfortunately, the channels aren’t an option to add on Roku. You can install the apps on your smartphone and screen mirror your mobile to the Roku-connected TV to stream Breaking Bad on Roku.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Breaking Bad on Roku?

Yes. Breaking Bad can be streamed on Roku with Netflix, Amazon Prime, FandangoNow, AMC, etc.

How to Stream Breaking Bad on your TV?

If you are a Roku user, then using the above method, you can watch the Breaking Bad web series on your Tv.