Podcasts are really so fun to listen to, and you can stream them at any time. There are hundreds of channels available on the Roku Channel Store to stream various podcasts. Roku Channel Store has got an umpteen number of channels for music streaming. Also, it offers audio streaming channels like Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Amazon Music, etc. Most of the channels stream Podcasts for free. However, for a few channels, you may need to pay for a subscription. The famous Podcast shows are American History Tellers, The Dropout, The Daily, Monster, Fresh Air, part-time Genius, etc. Those can be heard with various podcasts channels. Let us discuss a few top podcasts channel on Roku.


Spotify to Stream Podcasts on Roku

Spotify offers an umpteen number of podcasts. Online streaming is free and ad-supported. You can get a wide array of playlists in multiple languages. You can get 1000s of channels for streaming podcasts. The UI is simple and intuitive. It costs $9.99/month for ad-free streaming. Students can get it at $4.99/month. Install Spotify on Roku and enjoy as much as Podcasts you want.


Pandora to Stream Podcasts on Roku

Pandora can be installed on Roku. It offers three different subscription packs. A free service, the plus costs $4.99/month, the premium plan costs $9.99/month, and the family plan at $14.99/month. It offers songs, podcasts, albums, and playlists. Pandora on Roku will customize the streaming based on the podcast you listen to. Moreover, it can create a curated playlist with your likes and frequent listening.

iHeart Radio

iHeart Radio to Stream Podcasts on Roku

iHeart Radio is yet another way to get Podcasts on Roku. It is a free audio streaming service. You can also get the premium plan at $4.99/month. And there is an all-access plan with a lot more benefits at $9.99/month. You can install the channel on your streaming device and enjoy various podcasts. iHeart Radio also features various local and international radio stations. Also, you can stream broadcasts and podcasts.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music

You can install Amazon Music on Roku to listen to podcasts. It offers 2 million songs without ads. Amazon Music features millions of podcasts and 1000s of stations. Moreover, you can access 70 million songs. Also, it is free with Amazon Prime. The subscription starts at $7.99/month that offers 75 million songs. You can get unlimited skips, offline download options while streaming.


Tune In

TuneIn is a free music streaming app. It offers 100000 real radio stations and 5.7 million podcasts. You can stream live news, radio, sports, music, podcasts, local radio, etc., with TuneIn on Roku. It is getting more users every month. Moreover, it also offers ad-free streaming, and all the streaming is available in high-quality audio. Considering the fact that it is free, it offers one of the best audio streaming experiences.

myTuner Radio

my Tuner Radio

It is an internet or radio app directory by App Generation-Software technologies. Radio by myTuner offers radio broadcasting from all around the world, online radio, internet radio, AM, FM radio, etc. It streams from 50000 radio stations from 20+ countries. It even offers 1 million podcasts under various categories like sports, music, news, comedy, etc. Moreover, it is a free podcasting app.



Tidal is one of the best options to stream Podcasts on Roku. It offers 60 million tracks, 25 million music streams. It offers podcasts under various categories. The genres include music, sports, general, therapy, etc. It costs $9.99/month for 320Kbps AAC + music. Tidal Hi-fi subscription costs $19..9/month for non-compressed music. You can get high-quality streaming of up to 1411Kbps FLAC audio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you listen to Podcasts on Roku?

Yes, you can listen to the Podcasts on your streaming device with the above-suggested options. There are various other channels to stream too.

Is there an app for Podcasts?

You can get the apps like Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Audible, Stitcher to stream podcasts.

Is there a video podcast on the Podcasts app?

There are no video podcasts on the above-mentioned apps. Spotify has released the first-ever version of it with select creators.