Apple Music is an online streaming app for music and videos, launched by Apple, Inc. The Apple Music app has more than 70 million songs and thousands of live radio stations. The Apple Music app is unavailable in the Channel Store, so it has to be downloaded separately and streamed using a media player. The songs in Apple Music are in the format of M4P and Roku does not support this audio format. Therefore you have to convert them into a suitable format before playing in Roku. Let’s see the steps to stream Apple Music on Roku.

Apple Music on Roku

Pricing of Apple Music Subscription

Apple Music has only paid subscriptions with no Ads. The cost of the subscription is $9.99 per month and has a subsidized subscription for students at $ 4.99 per month. It has a family subscription for six people at the cost of $14.99 per month. It also has a free trial period of 3 months.

Steps to Stream Apple Music on Roku

Follow these simple steps to stream Apple Music.

Convert Apple Music

Step 1: Download and install Apple Music Converter to change the format.

Step 2: Launch the converter and open iTunes and add the music.

Step 3: Select the Playlists or songs for converting and add them to the converter.

Add songs to the converter

Step 4: Choose the output format as MP3 and customize the bitrate.

Step 5: Click Convert to change the format of the Apple Music songs.

Stream Apple Music

Step 1: Copy the converted Apple Music Songs to the USB Pendrive.

Step 2: Connect the Pendrive to the Roku USB port and launch the Roku device.

Step 3: Open the Roku Media Player. If unavailable, download it from the Roku Channel Store by selecting Add Channel.

Select Add Channel to get Roku Media player

Step 4: Select the USB icon in the Media Player and browse the apple music content in the Pendrive.

Select USB drive in Roku Media Player - Apple Music on Roku

Step 5: Select the song to play it on Roku.

You can also play the converted Apple Music songs using the Roku app on the smartphone. You have to select Play on Roku in the app to stream the songs on Roku.

Thus, by following the above methods you can stream Apple Music on Roku. Apple Music can integrate with iCloud Music Library to get all previously bought songs. It suggests genre-specific playlists in the For You tab. If you have any queries in following the above steps, please do let us know in the comments.

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1. Does Roku supports Apple Music?

No. Apple Music is unavailable in the Channel Store.

2. Can I stream Apple Music on Roku through screen mirroring?

No. The Apple Music audio format is M4p and Roku does not support this format. You have to download and convert them to the required formats.

3. How do I stream Apple Music on Roku?

You can stream Apple Music by downloading songs and stream them using a USB drive. You can also follow the above steps for quick streaming of Apple Music.

4. Which audio format does Roku supports?

Roku supports AAC, MP3, WAV, FLAC, and WMA audio formats.