VidAngel is an extraordinary streaming application that offers new movies, TV shows, series, and many more. You can enjoy streaming thousands of content on VidAngel. It allows you to get entertainment in one platform by means of providing content from Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO, and more. This app supports most of the popular models of Android and iOS devices. You can stream VidAngel on Roku through screen mirroring and enjoy watching your favorite video on the big screens with your family and friends.

VidAngel on Roku

How to Stream VidAngel on Roku?

VidAngel can be streamed on Roku via the Screen Mirroring option.

How to enable Screen Mirroring on Roku?

Get to know how to enable Screen Mirroring on Roku.

  • Connect the Roku device to your TV.
  • The Roku Homepage will be displayed on the TV screen.
  • Tap the Setting option and then click the System button.
  Roku Settings
  • Select Screen mirroring and hit the Enable screen mirroring option.
  • Choose either Prompt or Always Allow and so you can pair the Roku with your Android or Windows.
Screen mirroring mode

How to Screen Mirror VidAngel on Roku using Android?

Now, you have to enable the cast option on your Android device to watch VidAngel on Roku.

  1. Connect both of the Roku and Android devices to the same Wi-Fi.

2. Open the Settings app on your Android device.

3. Head over to Bluetooth & device connection and enable the Cast option (The setting may vary between devices. Use the search feature to find the Cast option).

VidAngel on Roku

4. Pick your Roku device from the suggestions and grant permission on your Roku device.

5. Download the install VidAngel app from the Play store.

VidAngel on Play Store

6. Start the installed VidAngel app on your Android device.

7. Complete the Sign-in and play any video.

8. The VidAngel screen will be mirrored on the Roku connected TV.

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How to Screen Mirror VidAngel on Roku using Windows?

Steps to stream VidAngel on Roku using the cast feature of the chrome browser.

1. Connect both the Roku device and Windows PC/laptop to the same Wi-Fi.

2. Launch the Chrome browser on your Windows.

3. Go to the following website (

Amazon Prime

4. The VidAngel web page will appear and Sign-in with your login details.

 Sign in to VidAngel

5. Play any video and then right-click on the screen.

6. Click the Cast option and hit the Source dropbox.

Cast from PC

7. Select the Cast tabs option and pick your Roku device from the suggestions.

8. Grant permission on the Roku to pair with your Windows device.

9. Now, you are allowed to stream VidAngel on Roku using a PC.

Features of VidAngel

You can gain many amazing features of VidAngel. They are,

  • Access different genres of content on this app.
  • The filters are suitable for any audience.
  • VidAngel has got a wide content library.
  • You can add your favorite videos to the Watchlist.
  • It allows you to search or browse easily.
  • This app releases regular updates like new movies, episodes, etc.


Does VidAngel work on Roku?

VidAngel can be streamed on Roku via the Screen Mirroring option. Cast VidAngel on Roku from an Android device or Windows to enjoy your favorites.

Is VidAngel illegal?

VidAngel is cent percent legal to use. It is by an American video streaming company. This app has family content and so you can enjoy watching videos with your family.

How much is a subscription to VidAngel?

VidAngel is a subscription-based service and costs $7.99 a month and then you can enjoy a free trial of up to one month on your respective devices.

Does VidAngel work with Amazon Prime?

You can watch VidAngel on Amazon Instant Video and Amazon Prime. It works well with both of these services.