Did you migrate from Asian countries to others? Then, you might miss the movies from your countries. Everyone’s view is based on the country in which they reside. So, the country you visit might not be based on your like. But there is a way to watch Asian movies and TV shows wherever the country you reside. Sasta TV is the platform you need to choose. But you need to subscribe to access the contents of the Sasta TV. At the same time, Sasta TV only offers its add-on application for Kodi. Kodi is unavailable for your Roku device. So, you need to screen mirror Sasta TV from PC or Android Smartphone to Roku to watch Sasta TV.

How to Subscribe to Sasta TV?

1. Visit the official website of Sasta TV on a browser.

2. Select the Pricing tab from the home screen.

Select the Pricing tab.

3. Choose a plan and select the Subscribe Now button.

Select Subscribe Now to get Sasta TV.

4. Then, select Next.

Select Next.

5. Now, Select Subscribe & Pay.

Select Subscribe and Pay to get Sasta TV.

6. After the successful payment, you will receive your login credentials through your mail.

How to Stream Sasta TV on Roku?

Since Sasta TV is only available on Kodi, you have to screen mirror Kodi from Android Smartphone or Windows PC. So, first, enable access from your Roku device to allow the screen mirroring. Then, follow the steps below to allow the screen mirroring on Roku.

1. On your Roku home screen, select Settings.

2. Under Settings, choose the System settings option.

3. Under System, select Screen mirroring > Screen mirroring mode.

Select Screen mirroring mode to watch Sasta TV.

4. Choose Prompt or Allways Allow to enable the Screen mirroring on Roku.

How to Watch Sasta TV on Roku Using Android Smartphone?

Before proceeding, check whether both the devices are connected to the same WiFi network.

1. Install the Kodi application from the Google Play Store on your Android device.

2. Open the Kodi application and select Settings.

Select Settings.

3. Then, choose the File Manager from the Settings.

Select File Manager.

4. From the File Manager, Choose Add Source.

Select Add Source.

5. Select None and Enter the URL http://sastatv.com/repos. Select OK.

Select OK.

6. In the Enter name of the media source box, enter repos, and select OK.

Select OK.

7. Now, go back to the Kodi home screen.

8. Select Enter add-on browser.

Select Enter Add-on browser.

9. Now, select Install from Zip file.

Select Install from Zip File.

10. From the Pop-up menu, select the Settings button.

Select Settings.

11. Toggle on the Unknown Sources.

Turn on Unknown Sources.

12. Select Yes from the pop-up menu.

Select Yes.

13. Then, select Install from Zip Files.

Select Install from Zip file.

14. Choose repos from the list of options displayed.

Select repos.

15. Now, Choose repository.sastatv.addons.zip and select OK.

16. Now, the Sasta TV add-on will be installed on Kodi.

17. Now, Choose Install from the repository.

Select Install from repository.

18. Choose the SastaTV repository.

19. Then, select Video add-ons.

Select Video add-ons.

20. Choose Sasta TV and select the Install button from the lower right corner.

Select Install to get Sasta TV.

21. Return to the main menu.

22. In the Video add-ons section, select Sasta TV.

Open Sasta TV.

23. Enter the Username and Password.

Enter Username.

24. Then, select OK.

Enter the password.

25. Again select the Sasta TV from the Video add-ons section.

Stream the Sasta TV.

26. Now, go to the Notification Panel while the Sasta TV running in the background.

27. Tap on Smart View.

Tap on Smart View to watch Sasta TV on Roku.

28. Select your Roku device from the list of available devices.

29. Now, open the Kodi application running in the background.

30. Search or select a category to watch Sasta TV on Kodi.

Alternative Method – Stream Sasta TV on Roku Using PC

1. Install Kodi on your PC using the Microsoft Store.

2. Then, follow steps from 2 to 25 from “How to Watch Sasta TV on Roku Using Android Smartphone” above from this article.

3. Open the Settings on your PC and select Display.

4. Under Multiple Displays, select Connect to a Wireless Display.

5. Select your Roku device.

Connect your Roku device to watch Sasta TV.

6. Allow the Connection from your Roku.

Select Allow.

7. Now, your PC’s screen will be displayed on your Roku.

Watch Sasta TV.

8. Then, select a movie or TV show from Sasta TV on your PC.

9. Enjoy watching Sasta TV on your Roku.

Sasta TV brings you the best entertainment package to watch Asian movies. If you love to watch Asian movies, this is the platform for you. So, get a subscription from Sasta TV to enjoy watching your favorite Asian movies and TV shows.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Sasta TV available on Roku?

No, Sasta TV is unavailable for Roku.

2. How can I watch Sasta TV on Roku?

You have to screen mirror Sasta TV to Roku.

3. Is Sasta TV free?

No, Sasta TV only provides a subscription-based service.