Worried or missing watching popular TV shows or movies from Asian countries? Sasta TV stream covers you, but you need to subscribe to access their content. Unfortunately, this app is available only on Kodi but not directly on Roku devices, so screen mirroring on Roku will be the only possible way to watch Sasta TV on Roku.

How to Subscribe to Sasta TV

1. Visit the official website of Sasta TV on a browser.

2. Select the Pricing tab from the home screen.

Select the Pricing tab. Sasta TV on Roku

3. Choose a plan and select the Subscribe Now button.

Select Subscribe Now to get Sasta TV.

4. Then, select Next.

Select Next. Sasta TV on Roku

5. Now, Select Subscribe & Pay.

Select Subscribe and Pay to get Sasta TV.

6. After the successful payment, you will receive your login credentials via mail. Using this, we will be able to watch content on Sasta TV.

How to Watch Sasta TV on Roku

Unfortunately, Sasta TV is not available on Roku directly, so Kodi will be the alternative medium to screen mirror on Roku. But, before proceeding with the process, ensure to enable the screen mirroring feature on your Roku device.

  • Roku Home Screen > Settings > System Settings > Screen Mirroring > Enable Screen Mirroring Mode > Prompt > Always Allow.


As we know that the Sasta TV is unavailable on Roku, we must set up the Kodi app to access Sasta TV without interruption. By doing so, we will get Kodi on Roku.

How to Setup Kodi Application

1. Launch the Kodi application and select Settings.

Select Settings. Sasta TV on Roku

2. Then, choose File Manager from Settings.

Select File Manager.

3. From the File Manager, Choose Add Source.

Select Add Source. Sasta TV on Roku

4. Select None and Enter the URL http://sastatv.com/repos. Select OK.

Select OK.

5. In the Enter name of the media source box, enter repos, and select OK.

Select OK. Sasta TV on Roku

6. Now, go back to the Kodi home screen.

7. Select Enter add-on browser.

Select Enter Add-on browser.

8. Now, select Install from the Zip file.

Select Install from Zip File. Sasta TV on Roku

9. From the Pop-up menu, select the Settings button.

Select Settings.

10. Toggle on the Unknown Sources.

Turn on Unknown Sources. Sasta TV on Roku

11. Select Yes from the pop-up menu.

Select Yes.

12. Then, select Install from Zip Files.

Select Install from Zip file. Sasta TV on Roku

13. Choose repos from the list of options displayed.

Select repos.

14. Now, Choose repository.sastatv.addons.zip and select OK.

15. Now, the Sasta TV add-on will be installed on Kodi.

16. Now, Choose Install from the repository.

Select Install from repository. Sasta TV on Roku

17. Choose the SastaTV repository.

18. Then, select Video add-ons.

Select Video add-ons. Sasta TV on Roku

19. Choose Sasta TV and select the Install button from the lower right corner.

Select Install to get Sasta TV.

20. Return to the main menu.

21. In the Video add-ons section, select Sasta TV.

Open Sasta TV.

22. Enter the Username and Password.

Enter Username. Sasta TV on Roku

23. Then, select OK.

Enter the password.

24. Again, select Sasta TV from the Video add-ons section.

Stream the Sasta TV. Sasta TV on Roku

How to Screen Mirror Sasta TV on Roku from Android Device

1. Before initiating the process, ensure the Android and the Roku device are under the same WiFi network.

2. Install the Kodi app on your device from the Play Store.

3. Launch the Kodi app, and stream the content your wish to watch.

4. Scroll down the Notification panel, and click on the Cast option.

Cast option on Android device Sasta TV on Roku

5. Select the desired Roku device from the list of available devices.

6. By doing so, the mobile screen will appear on the Roku device as well. So, the Sasta TV content will display on the Roku device.

How to Screen Mirror Sasta TV on Roku Via iOS Device

The Kodi application is not available directly in the App Store. So, we will have to install the application from Kodi’s official website.

Note: To download the Kodi app, you should have a jailbroken iOS device that runs on iOS 6.0 or higher.

1. Before starting the process, ensure to enable Airplay on Roku.

2. Go to the Control Center, and click on the Screen Mirroring option.

Screen mirroring on iPhone

3. From the list of available devices, click on the Roku device.

4. Fill in the AirPlay Passcode on your iOS device.

5. On Sasta TV, stream any of your favorite content and watch them on Roku.

How to Stream Sasta TV on Roku Using a PC

1. Install Kodi on your PC using the Microsoft Store.

2. When you are down to set up the Kodi app, you can proceed with the below process to screen mirror the Kodi app on a Roku device.

3. Go to the Action Center option from the bottom right corner.

Action center option on PC Sasta TV on Roku

4. Navigate to the Connect option, and click on Find Other Types of Devices.

5. Select the Roku device from the available devices.

6. So, finally, you can stream Kodi on your Roku device.

Sasta TV brings you the best entertainment package to watch Asian movies. If you love to watch Asian movies, this is your platform. So, get a subscription from Sasta TV to enjoy watching your favorite Asian movies and TV shows.


Is Sasta TV free?

No, Sasta TV only provides a subscription-based service.