The Roku device has the option to access it using guest mode, so you no longer have to share the credentials of your account. Doing so ensures privacy or stops the guests from making changes to your account. To enable Guest Mode on Roku, you should have a PIN. If you don’t remember your PIN, you can easily reset your Roku PIN to sign into your Roku account. After setting up a PIN, you can follow any reliable methods to enable Guest Mode on your device.

Methods to Enable Guest Mode on Roku

You don’t have to share your personal Roku account with the guest users anymore. Instead, you can make the guest mode available by default on the device.

Enabling Guest Mode On Roku Device

[1] Press Home on your Roku remote and go to Settings > System menu.

[2] Select the Guest Mode option, and click Enter Guest Mode option.

[3] Now, enter your PIN and click OK to confirm.

Enter Guest Mode on Roku

Once you enter into Guest Mode, all sign-in details of channels will be removed.

Tips! You can also set the time period to stream on Guest Mode and automatically log out on a particular date and time as well.

Alternative Method to Enable Guest Mode using Roku Account

[1] Visit the Roku website on your mobile phone or computer and sign into your account using the associated credentials.

[2] Navigate and click the My linked devices option.

[3] Find your device and select Enable Guest Mode.

[4]. Enter the Roku PIN and tap enable this mode to access the device.

[5]. Now, the guest will be able to log in using their credentials.

Tips! If you don’t remember your PIN, there are options to find your Roku PIN.

Methods to Set or Modify Date on Guest Mode on Roku

The Roku guest mode can set the duration on how long they wish to access the guest mode. So, after the time frame, this mode will be disabled automatically.

How to Set Date on Guest Mode

[1] Use the directional pad and navigate to the calendar.

Tip: The directional pad is in the center of the Roku remote (plus shaped buttons).

[2] Highlight the dates from when you want to use Roku in Guest Mode till the sign-out date and press the OK button on the remote.

dates on Roku

[3] Select Sign out (with the dates you selected).

[4] Click Start streaming!

Startr streaming on Roku

Now in the selected period, Roku Guest mode will be accessed.

How to Change the Sign-out Date

If you have set a wrong sign-out date or want to reschedule your Guest mode time, here is how to do it.

[1] Press the Home button on the remote and navigate to Guest Mode Options.

[2] Select Change sign-out date.

Change sign out date

[3] When the calendar opens, choose a new sign-out date.

Tip: To switch to a different month, move up to the current month and press right or left using the directional pad.

[4] Move down and select Sign out (with the date you selected).

Methods to Exit Guest Mode on Roku

Even though you have scheduled the end date for the guest mode, you still have the option to disable the guest mode before it ends.

How to Exit Guest Mode on Roku Device

[1] Turn on the device, and you can see if you are still in guest mode by greeting.

[2] Hit the Asterisk button on your remote.

[3] A pop-up menu appears. Select Disable Guest Mode.

Disable Guest Mode

 [4] The device again asks you to enter your PIN.

[5] Enter your PIN and click confirm to exit Guest Mode.

Note: You can exit from this mode on Roku, even if you have already set a time period to stream.

How to Exit Guest Mode on Roku Website

[1] Go to the official Roku website, and select the My linked devices option

[2] Now find your device there and click Disable Guest Mode option.

Guest mode is very useful in protecting your privacy. When you have set a sign-out date, it automatically logs out after the set date, ensuring the privacy of the guest also. Thus by using this mode, a host and guest can have a separate but good watch time on Roku.


Is Auto Sign Out Mode the Same as Guest Mode?

Yes. Auto Sign Out Mode and Guest Mode both are the same.

How many users can use Roku?

 You can have up to 20 Roku devices on the same Roku account.