Reelz Channel, or Reelz, is an American cable TV network that offers documentaries that uncover cop mysteries and behind-the-scenes of criminal justice. Its TV everywhere app, Reelz Now, is available for Roku and other streaming devices. You can install the app from the Roku Channel Store. You can access the Reelz Channel on Roku by using your TV provider account.


The Reelz Now app has many attractive features. They are:

  • It allows you to watch both live and on-demand content as you wish.
  • You can easily search for videos by titles, categories, etc.
  • The service offers schedules for each program.
  • You can get recommendations for popular and latest shows on this app.
  • Reelz Now app also offers live TV content.

What’s on Reelz Channel

Get to know the popular shows and series offered by Reelz Channel.

  • Breaking The Band
  • Autopsy: The Last Hours Of
  • Cashed Out
  • Executed
  • Copycat Killers
  • Murder Made Me Famous
  • The Price of Fame
  • Charles Manson: The Funeral


If your TV provider offers the Reelz Channel, you can use the same provider credentials to access the Reelz Now app. Providers like Philo, DirecTV, and Sling TV offer the Reelz Channel.

How to Add Reelz Channel on Roku?

1. Connect your Roku device to the TV, and the Homepage will appear.

2. Navigate to the Streaming Channels option.

Select Streaming Channels

3. Tap the Search Channels option. Next, enter and search for Reelz Now.

Select Search Channels

4. Select the app from the suggestions respectively, and you will get the app info page. Make sure that you are choosing the Reelz Now app, not the Reelz app. The difference between the apps is mentioned below.

5. Hit the Add Channel button, and then the app starts to install.

6. After that, select the Go to Channel button to launch the Reelz app.

How to Activate Reelz Now on Roku

1. Launch the Reelz Now app.

2. You can see an activation code on the screen of Roku, or else select the Sign in button to generate an activation code.

3. Make a note of the activation code and visit the activation web page of Reelz Now (

4. On the required field, enter the activation code and click on the Activate button.

5. Now, choose your cable TV provider and sign in to that account to activate Reelz Now on Roku.

6. Once you see the activation is completed, go back to the Reelz Now app.

7. It will be linked to your TV provider account. You can stream any content you want.

How to Watch the Reelz Channel on Roku Without Cable

With some of the supported streaming services, you can get the Reelz Channel on Roku.

DirecTV Stream

DirecTV Stream - Reelz channel on Roku

You can also stream Reelz Channel without cable through the DirecTV Stream on Roku. To get the Reelz channel on Roku via DirecTV Stream, you need to subscribe to the Entertainment plan at $64.99 per month. After that, you can access 60+ channels, including the Reelz channel.


Sling - Reelz channel on Roku

Sling on Roku is one of the most affordable streaming services available to date. So, you can easily get the Reelz channel with Sling Blue + Hollywood Extra Pack at $46 per month (Sling Blue for $40 per month and Hollywood for $6 per month). Upon the subscription, you will also get 40+ channels with a 50-hour cloud DVR storage to record your favorite shows.



You can get the Reelz channel on Philo by subscribing to the basic plan at $25 per month. Next, you need to subscribe to Movies & More add-ons at $3 per month to get the Reelz channel. In Philo TV, you will get a 7-day trial and unlimited cloud DVR storage. You can also get Philo on Roku directly from the Channel Store.

Reelz vs. Reelz Now

Reelz Now is the TV Everywhere app where you can use your TV provider account to stream video content. The Reelz is a free app where you can watch only catch-up shows. Reelz Now is a full-fletched app with all the features. Reelz is a free app with limited features. You can’t link the TV provider in the Reelz app. If you want to watch catch-up shows and don’t need any on-demand content, you can go for the Reelz app.


1. Is Reelz Now free with Amazon Prime?

No, the Reelz channel is not available on the Amazon Prime Video add-ons.

2. How much is Reelz TV on Roku?

Reelz or Reelz TV is offering any standalone subscription. You need to subscribe to any of the cable or live TV provider to access the Reelz channel.