Reelz Channel or Reelz is an American cable TV network. The service offers live TV, movies, shows, series, and many more. You can enjoy streaming all your favorite shows on Reelz Channel on your respective devices. It is accessible from its official app called Reelz NOW. It is available on a wide range of devices, namely Android, iOS, PC, streaming devices like Roku, Firestick, etc. With this channel, you can stay entertained for several hours without any interruption. Furthermore, the article focuses on accessing Reelz Channel on Roku.

Reelz Channel on Roku


The Reelz Channel has many attractive features. They are:

  • It allows you to watch both the live and on-demand content as you wish.
  • You can easily search for videos by titles, categories, etc.
  • The service offers schedules for each program.
  • You can get recommendations for popular and latest shows on this app.
  • Reelz Channel provides exclusive programs and original TV shows.

What’s on Reelz Channel

Get to know the popular shows and series offered by Reelz Channel.

  • Breaking The Band
  • Autopsy: The Last Hours Of
  • Cashed Out
  • Executed
  • Copycat Killers
  • Murder Made Me Famous
  • The Price of Fame
  • Charles Manson: The Funeral

How to Add Reelz Channel on Roku?

Reelz Channel is officially available for Roku on Roku Channel Store. Alternatively, you can get Reelz Channel on Roku via Reelz NOW app.

1. Connect your Roku device to the TV, and the Homepage will appear.

2. Navigate to the Streaming Channels option.

3. Tap the Search button and search for Reelz or Reelz NOW.

Note: Reelz NOW requires a cable or satellite TV subscription.

4. Select the app from the suggestions respectively, and you will get the app info page.

5. Hit the Add Channel button, and then the app starts to install.

Reelz on Roku

6. Press the OK option once the installation gets over.

How to Stream Reelz Channel on Roku

1. Launch the Reelz Channel app on your device.

2. Complete the Sign-in process with your login credentials if you have added Reelz NOW. Reelz channel users can skip to the next step directly.


3. Pick your favorite shows of Reelz Channel from the library and enjoy streaming.

Watch Reelz Channel on Roku via AT&T TV Now

You can also stream Reelz Channel without cable through the AT&T TV Now on Roku. The streaming service costs about $65/month and offers 65+ channels. AT&T TV Now supports different devices, including Roku. You can enjoy streaming Reelz Channel on two different devices at once.



Which streaming service has Reelz?

AT&T TV Now is the only streaming service that offers Reelz Channel. Hence, you can enjoy streaming Reelz Channel without cable at the cost of $65/month.

Is Reelz free on Roku?

Reelz Channel is completely free to download on Roku and also on other devices. You can freely log in to the app with the cable TV subscription.

Can I get Reelz on Roku?

You can get Reelz Channel on Roku via Reelz or Reelz NOW, which are officially available on Channel Store. It offers your favorite Reelz TV shows and programs.

Does Reelz have an app?

Reelz Channel has an official app called Reelz NOW app. It is available on various platforms like phones, PCs, streaming devices, and web versions.