If you want to stream your favorite movies and TV shows for free, you can try Pluto TV without a doubt. It is a popular American streaming service where you can watch 100+ channels for free. Pluto TV app offers thousands of new and classic movies, TV shows, documentaries, binge-worthy shows, and much more. It supports multiple devices, and Roku is one among them. You can enjoy streaming Pluto TV on the big screens using a Roku streaming device.

Pluto TV on Roku


  • You can watch both live and on-demand videos on Pluto TV.
  • It covers a wide area of channels on different genres including entertainment, sports, news, comedy, kids, music, etc.
  • The service is compatible with the most modern devices like Android, iOS, Roku, Firestick, and much more.
  • Pluto TV provides programs and content for all ages people.
  • There is no bill, no contracts, and no need to pay a single penny for streaming Pluto TV.
  • Watch your favorite shows 24/7 from different channels.

Top Channels of Pluto TV

Here are the top channels available in Pluto TV:

  • Pluto TV Conspiracy
  • CBSN
  • FOX Sports
  • Sky News
  • Pluto TV Kids
  • IGN
  • Ice Pilots
  • My5 Crime
  • ESPN
  • World Poker Tour

How to Add Pluto TV on Roku?

Pluto TV is available on the Channel Store. You can easily install it on your Roku device with the below steps:

1. Connect the Roku device to your TV and navigate to its homepage.

2. Click the Streaming Channels option on the homepage.

3. Hit the Search button on the right-side menu in the streaming channels section.

4. Search for Pluto TV and choose the same from the search result.

5. Press the Add Channel button and wait a moment.

Pluto TV on Roku

6. After the Pluto TV installation gets over, tap the OK button in the pop-up.

With the above steps, you can add Pluto TV to your Roku. Before streaming, you have to activate your app on the device.

How to Activate Pluto TV on Roku?

You need to activate Pluto TV to stream your favorite channel for free.

1. Launch the Pluto TV on your Roku TV.

2. An Activation code will appear on your screen. Note it down.

3. Visit http://my.pluto.tv/ on a browser on your PC or smartphone

4. Sign in to your Pluto TV account.


5. Pick your device (Roku) and enter the 6-digit code to activate Pluto TV on Roku.

Activation code

6. The homepage of Pluto TV will appear.

7. Choose a video and start streaming on the Roku.

Pluto TV

With this app, you can stream for free on your Roku streaming device or TV.


Is Pluto TV completely free?

Pluto TV is completely free to stream thousands of content. You can watch different movies, TV shows, documentaries, and so on using this service without any charges.

Is Pluto TV safe to watch?

It is cent percent safe to watch and access the Pluto TV app on multiple devices.

Does Pluto have local channels?

The local channels that are offered by Pluto TV are CBSN channels, NBC News, CNN, America’s Voice, OAN Encore, Cheddar, and many more.

Why is Pluto TV not working?

To fix Pluto TV not working issue, you should close the app and open it again. Check for internet connection and ensure you have the latest version of Pluto TV.