We all miss good-old classic movies from the golden age of Hollywood. But, of course, watching old movies are quite entertaining and feel-good. Most of us like to stream old movies, especially in the houses with old parents or grandparents who will love to watch their classic favorites. We may have various streaming services that feature old movies, but we don’t have a dedicated streaming service to watch vintage movies. MovieLand.Tv has planned to fill that gap by developing a streaming service focussing only on old movies. Now let us see how to install and stream all vintage and classic movies with Movieland.Tv on your Roku streaming device.

Features of Movieland.Tv

  • It offers various classic and vintage films.
  • You can get a wide array of movies under different categories like action, comedy, drama, horror, film noir, documentary, etc.
  • It features all-time greats like Cary Grant, Elizabeth Taylor, James Stewart, Bob Hope, John Wayne, and many more.
  • All the contents are updated every month.
  • It costs $29.95/month. If you use certain promo codes, you may get a 30 day free trial.
  • If you have any issues with the channel, you can troubleshoot the device and get all your contents back.

How to Add Movieland.Tv on Roku?

Below are the ways to stream Movieland.TV on your Roku streaming device:

(1) Turn on your streaming device and make sure to connect it to the internet.

(2) Press the home button on the supplied Roku remote.

(3) From the home screen, navigate to the Streaming Channels.

Select Streaming Channels

(4) On the streaming channels screen, click on the Search Channels option.

Select Search Channels

(5) Type Movie Land on the search field with the Roku remote.

(6) Select the app from the search results and go to the app info screen.

Movieland.Tv on Roku

(7) Click on the Add Channel button on the app info screen.

The Movieland channel will be added to your Roku streaming device. Launch the app and log in with your account credentials to start streaming on your Roku-connected TV.

Alternative Method – Add Movieland.tv on Roku

Even using the Roku Mobile app, you can add the Movieland.tv on Roku device-connected TV.

1. Install the Roku Mobile app on your Android or iOS Smartphone from the Google Play Store or App Store.

2. Next, connect your Roku device and Android or iOS Smartphone to the same wifi network.

3. After that, launch the Roku app and sign in to your Roku account.

4. Now, tap on the Devices tab from the bottom of the interface.

Tap on the Devices tab

5. The Roku Mobile app will scan for nearby devices. From there, choose your Roku device.

6. You can now see that your Roku device has been paired to the Roku Mobile app.

7. Next, select the Channels icon displayed below your Roku device.

Tap on Channels

8. Choose the Channel Store tab.

Select Channel Store - Add Movieland.TV on Roku

9. Search for the Movieland.TV channel and choose it from the search result.

10. Tap on the Add Channel button to add the channel.

After that, Movieland.TV channel will be added to Roku once it gets connected to an internet connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Movieland TV free on Roku?

You can install the channel from the Channel Store for free. But then, to stream, you need a subscription. An ad-based 3-days trial period will give you access to all the available content.

2. What are the alternatives for Movieland TV?

If you are a fan of classic movies, then you can use the following alternatives. The streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube offer a plethora of classic movies. The Criterion Channel, Kanopy, Fandor, and Watch TCM are the other streaming services that feature classic movies.