Roku is an admired media player with a tiny remote to control it. If the Roku remote is not working, you must reset it and pair it again. There are three types of Roku remotes. Enhanced Voice Remote, Enhanced Roku Remote, and Standard Infrared Remote. With Enhanced remotes, you can control Roku by pointing the remote anywhere, whereas the Standard IR remotes need to be pointed in the direct line to control your Roku device.

How to Differentiate Roku Remotes

The Standard IR Roku remote is the oldest one. The two models of enhanced remotes won’t differ much. Check the table below for easy identification.

Remote NameImageHow it differs from others
Standard IR Roku RemoteStandard IR remoteNo Volume buttons
Enhanced Roku Voice RemoteHow to Reset Roku RemoteVolume Buttons on the right side and headphone jack on the left side

How to Reset Roku Remote

The Standard IR Roku remote won’t have any reset option. You can remove the batteries from the remote and keep the remote idle for a few minutes. Then, press all the buttons on the remote at least once to drain the residual power. After that, insert the batteries and pair the remote to your Roku device. This will fix most of the issues on your remote.

Enhanced Roku remotes and gaming remotes are known as enhanced remotes. Do follow the below steps to reset enhanced remotes.

1. Initially, remove the battery cover and take out the battery at the bottom of the remote.

remove the battery cover

2. Next, turn off the Roku device or TV.

3. Leave it disconnected for more than a minute.

4. Plug back the power cable into the Roku receiver.

5. Put the batteries back into the Roku remote when you view the home screen.

6. Now, press and hold the Pairing button at the bottom of the screen.

press and hold the Pairing button to reset Roku remote

7. The light on the remote indicates that your Roku remote is unpaired and repaired again.

8. Now, a remote pairing prompt will appear on the screen.

9. Finally, you are ready to use your Roku remote.

Alternatives Fixes for Roku Remote Not Working Issues

In case your enhanced Roku remote is not working after resetting it, you can try the below-mentioned alternative fixes.

Check Roku Remote Battery

If you have been using the Roku remote for a long time, there are possibilities that the remote’s battery is running at low power. This will lead to the Roku remote not working issue. So, you need to open the back cover of the remote and replace the batteries. If the remote is not working after replacing the new battery, you can move on with the next fix.

Update Roku

Alternatively, you check for software updates and make sure Roku firmware is up-to-date. If you are using the older version of the Roku streaming device or TV, you might have some pairing and performance issues. Update your Roku device to its latest firmware to solve the issue.

Use the Roku Remote App

The next fix is to use the Roku remote app, you can install the app on your Android Smartphone or iPhone from the Play Store or App Store. After installing the app, you must pair the virtual remote with Roku. Using the remote app, you can connect your Roku device to the WiFi without the remote, turn on the device, and more.

Try HDMI Extender

If you have connected the Roku device to the HDMI port on your TV, your remote may stop working because of the HDMI interference. So, you can try using the HDMI extender and connect your Roku device to the extender and check if the problem is fixed.

Reset Roku

The final fix is to factory reset Roku. It removes all the data stored in the device and personal preferences that you made. So factory resetting your Roku device will solve the issues and let your Roku remote work again.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to pair the Roku remote without the Pairing button?

Yes, you can pair the Roku remote without the Pairing button. You can use the smartphone app to go to Settings and choose the remote.