Paramount+  airs original and syndicated television series, documentaries, feature films, and more. Fortunately, this can be accessed via many popular streaming devices, including Roku. However, not all streaming platforms would satisfy everyone. So, we can cancel the Paramount Plus subscription anytime on your Roku device.

Steps to Cancel Paramount Plus on Roku

You can cancel Paramount Plus on Roku using two simple methods. They are,

  • Canceling from the channel lineup
  • Through the Roku website.

How to Unsubscribe Paramount Plus In The Channel Lineup

[1] Press the Home button on your Roku remote and reach Roku’s home screen.

[2] Use the arrow key of your remote and navigate to the channel grid.

[3] Choose the Paramount+ channel by scrolling.

[4] After selecting it, press the Asterisk (*) button on the Roku remote. A popup menu will appear.

[5] In that, choose the Manage Subscription option and hit Cancel Subscription.

Manage subscription to cancel Paramount Plus on Roku

[6] By doing so, your Paramount Plus subscription will be canceled on your Roku.

How to Unsubscribe Paramount Plus Via Roku Website

[1] Visit the official website of Roku and sign in to your account.

[2] Select the Manage your subscriptions option under the My Account menu.

Manage your subscriptions to cancel Paramount Plus on Roku

[3] In the Active Subscriptions list, locate the Paramount+ channel and click the Cancel subscription option near the channel name.

[4] Select a reason for cancellation and follow the on-screen instruction to cancel the Paramount Plus subscription on Roku.

Tips! If you have decided to cancel subscription because the Paramount Plus is not working properly. You can try out the possible fixes before deleting it.

Alternative Method to Cancel Paramount Plus Subscription

There is yet another way to cancel the Paramount Plus subscription, i.e., through the Paramount Plus website.

[1] Visit the Paramount+ official website from any browser and sign in to your account using the associated credentials.

[2] Click on the user initials in the right-hand corner and select the Account option.

[3] On the account page, scroll down and click the Cancel subscription option.

Cancel Subscription

[4] Confirm cancellation to complete the process.

Note: By following these steps, we can cancel the Paramount+ free trial as well. In that case, you will not be charged from the following month.

If I Remove Paramount Plus Channel from my Roku device, will it get unsubscribed?

No. Removing the Paramount Plus channel from Roku only restricts access to that device. Still, you can watch Paramount Plus on other devices if you have an active Paramount Plus subscription plan. Once you add the Paramount+ channel on Roku, you can log in and watch Paramount Plus again.

Can I Get a Refund after Unsubscribing from Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus subscription fees are non-refundable. You will not receive any refund. But you make use of the free trial period provided for 30 days. But you have to unsubscribe within this period to prevent the amount debiting after the trial period ends.


How to remove the Paramount Plus channel from Roku?

 To remove Paramount+ from Roku, go to Roku home screen > Right Arrow button > Select Paramount Plus channel > Press Asterisk button on remote > Remove Channel.

What is the subscription cost of Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus costs $9.99/month and $99.99/year (includes your local live CBS station).

How Come I can Access Paramount Plus Even After Unsubscribing?

Though you have unsubscribed from Paramount Plus, you might have already paid for the current month. So you can access the same account until the next billing date.

Will I be able to add Paramount Plus again if I have Unsubscribed already?

You can subscribe and cancel Paramount Plus anytime you desire. You can also sign in to your Paramount Plus account and restore the purchase of your old subscription plan or get a new one.