FXNOW is an on-demand video streaming app that features hit series and blockbuster films. You can enjoy the biggest and best lineup of critically acclaimed dramas, hilarious comedies, and blockbuster movies live or on-demand. You can create a free account and customize your streaming experience by saving all your favorite video content. FXNOW also allows the users to sync preferences across multiple devices. The service is available on Roku streaming player and Roku TV. You can now install FXNOW on Roku and enjoy watching your favorite content on your TV. Read on this article to know how to install FXNOW on Roku.

Install FXNow on Roku

How to Install FXNOW on Roku

FXNOW is available on the Channel Store of Roku. So, you can easily add the channel to your device. Following are the steps on how to download and watch the FXNOW app on Roku devices.

[1] First and foremost, turn on your Roku player and press the Home button on your Roku remote.

[2] Then, choose the Streaming Channels option, which will appear on your home page.

Tap on Streaming Channels to install FXNow on Roku

[3] To Proceed, tap on the Search Channels option to visit the Channel Store.

Search Channel

[4] Now, navigate to the search icon and then type in FXNow Channel and following tap enter.

[5] Choose the channel from the suggestion list appearing on your screen.

[6] Furthermore, click on Add Channel option to get the FXNow Channel on your device.

Search Channel

[7] Tap on Go to Channel option from your home screen.

[8] After adding the channel, launch the channel on your Roku TV.

[9] You will be prompted to enter the activation code. Enter the Activation Code from the TV provider.

[10] After entering the activation code, the setting process is done, and you can browse your favorite shows or videos.

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Alternative Way to Get FXNOW on Roku

The below steps will help you stream FXNOW on Roku in an alternative way.

1. Visit the official website of Roku Channel Store from the browser.

2. You need to log in to your Roku account by clicking on the Sign In button.

3. Use the Search Bar to search for the FXNOW app.

4. From the suggestions list, select the FXNOW tile.

5. Click on the Add Channel button to download the app.

Add Channel

6. Go ahead to refresh your Roku TV, and you will find the FXNOW.

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To Conclude

Now, you will be able to access the FXNOW contents on your Roku TV. Therefore these are the easy and simple steps to install FXNOW. Make sure to check the device for an updated version before installing the FXNOW app.