Crave is an online video streaming platform that is very popular among people in Canada. It also offers various theatrical films and other television series, including Bell Media Originals and foreign acquisitions. The current seasons of HBO and Starz programs and most films are available through add-on subscriptions to the Crave/HBO and Starz linear pay television networks. The crave streaming videos are available on Roku devices and its networking platforms. Crave TV can be installed and watched on Roku TV. Read this article for guidelines on how to install Crave TV on Roku.

Install Crave TV on Roku

How to Add and Activate Crave TV on Roku

Following are the steps to install Crave on Roku devices.

[1] First and foremost, create a Crave TV account from its official website to activate the Roku device connected to a big screen.

[2] Then, download Crave TV from the Roku Channel Store on our device.

Download from Channel store

[3] Once it is downloaded, then launch the Crave application.

[4] Then choose any video to play or click the sign in button from Account Management section.

[5] Furthermore select the respective option when the pop up appears by means of Crave account or TV provider.

[6] You will receive an activation code. Click here to enter the activation code.

Enter the activation code to install Crave on Roku

[7] Then the big screen will start streaming Crave on Roku devices.

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Alternative Way to Get Crave TV on Roku

1. To begin with, you should visit the official website of the Roku Channel Store.

2. Hover to tap on the Sign-in link. Provide necessary details to log in to your account.

3. Go ahead to find the Crave TV using the Search bar.

4. Click on the Crave TV app tile from the suggestions.

5. On the channel info window, you should click on the Add Channel button.

6. Once if you see that the channel is added message, you shall refresh your Roku TV to find it.

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To Conclude

Therefore these are the following steps to install Crave application on Roku devices. The Crave TV subscription costs $9.99 per month. The movies and HBO add on cost additional charges of $9.99. There is an additional 30-day free trial pack for new subscribers.