Discord is the new normal to talk over, chat, video call, and hang out on organized topic-based channels where you can collaborate and share your thoughts. Unfortunately, the Discord application is unavailable on the Roku Channel Store. But hold on! We do have some other alternatives to get them on our Roku device.

Ways to Get Discord on Roku

The only way to get discord on Roku is by using the Screen Mirroring feature. You can mirror Discord from its supporting devices like Android, iOS, PC, and Mac using this feature.

Pre-requisite to Screen Mirror Discord on Roku

  • On your Roku device, enable the Screen Mirroring option if you are using Android or PC and the AirPlay option for iOS and Mac devices.
  • Connect your screen mirroring device and Roku to the same WiFi network.
  • Install and sign in to the Discord app from Play Store and App Store on your smartphones.

How to Screen Mirror Discord from Android

On your Android device, you can download the Discord app from the Google Play store, and here is how to screen mirror on your Roku device.

[1] On your Android mobile, swipe down to get the Notification panel.

[2] Select the Cast option.


[3] You will have a list of available devices to connect.

[4] Choose your Roku device.

[5] Now, your mobile screen will display on Roku.

[6] Navigate to the Discord app on your mobile and launch it.

[7] Have fun with your folks by chatting on Discord and viewing it on Roku’s big screen.

How to Screen Mirror Discord from PC

[1] On your PC, download Discord’s setup files from its official website.

[2] After installation, click on Start and select Settings.

[3] Then, select System and click on Display.


[4] In the Multiple displays option, select Connect to a wireless display.

Connect to a wireless display

[5] It shows the available devices.

[6] Select your Roku device, and it will screen mirror your PC.

[7] Now, launch the Discord app and access it from your PC on Roku.

How to Screen Mirror Discord from iOS

[1] Open the Control center and select the Screen Mirroring option.

[2] Now, select your Roku device from the devices list.

[3] Once connected, you can see your mobile’s screen on the Roku screen.

[4] Launch the Discord app and surf through all your groups and contacts with Roku.

Screen Mirroring Discord on Roku from iPhone

How to Screen Mirror Discord from Mac

[1] Download the Discord setup file that supports Mac from their official website.

[2] Then update your Mac OS to the latest version.

[3] Next, click on the Control Center on your Menu bar.

Screen Mirroring Discord on Roku from Mac

[4] Select the Screen Mirroring option and choose Roku from the available devices list.

[5] Finally, your Mac’s screen will be visible on your Roku device-connected TV.

[6] Now you can open the Discord app and chat with your beloved with a big screen setup.


Why is Discord 17+?

Discord updated its age rating to 17+ to create robust controls and policies to ensure minors are not exposed to content inappropriate for them.

Is it illegal to ask for ID on Discord?

Unfortunately, yes. It is against Discord’s policies and a violation of the law.