• Installation: Go to the Roku home screen → Streaming ChannelsSearch Channels → Enter BT SportAdd Channel → Click OK.
  • Usage: Open BT Sport → Sign in with your BT account → Start streaming.

BT Sport is a service for BT Sport subscribers to watch all the sports events live. You can watch the live telecast of BT Sport 1, 2, 3, 4, and BoxNation. The BT Sport app is supported on Roku, Android, Android TV, and Google TV. So, Roku users can easily add BT Sport from the Roku Channel Store. Upon installation, you can watch Premier League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UFC, WWE, Australian Cricket, Premiership Rugby, Serie A, Ligue 1, etc.

Key Features

  • With the BT Sport Ultimate plan, watch content in 4K HDR at 50fps with Dolby Atmos.
  • BT Sport is accessible in the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands.
  • Enjoy key moments of Football and Rugby using the Timeline feature.
  • Supports streaming using Chromecast in up to 4K HDR.
  • Gives you an array of video clips, including highlights, interviews, and more.

Plans and Pricing

If you want to watch live events, you should have a BT Sport subscription and BT ID. Visit the official website (bt.com/sport/buy) to sign up for a new account. Check out the details for the BT Sport subscription.

Big Sport£42 per month24 months
Sport£17 per month24 months
Monthly Pass (App-only)£25 per monthRolling contract

Important Note: BT Sport Monthly Pass price will cost £29.99 w.e.f Feb 17, 2023.

How to Install BT Sport on Roku

(1) Press the Home button on your Roku remote and select Streaming Channels.

Select Streaming channels to Install BT Sport on Roku

(2) Choose Search Channels and enter BT Sport. Select BT Sport from the search results.

Enter BT Sport to install BT Sport on Roku

(3) Select Add channel to add BT Sport on Roku.

(4) Choose OK to confirm. You have installed BT Sport on Roku.

(5) Now, click the Go to Channel button to open the BT Sport app.

(6) Sign in with your BT Sport account and stream the live matches on your Roku.

How to Sign Up for BT Sport

If you don’t have a BT Sport account, follow the steps below to create an account.

(1) Open the browser on your PC and enter BT Sport in the search bar.

(2) Go to the BT Sport official website and select any video that says Log In on the top left side of that video.

select any video

(3) Select Get BT Sport on the new page that appears.

Select Get BT Sport

(4) Select the plan you prefer. Then, click Continue.

Select Add and continue

(5) On the Create an account page, enter your email and password and select Continue.

Create Continue

(6) On the Your details page, fill in the details like Name, DOB, and more and select Continue.

Select Continue

(7) On the Billing address page, enter your Postcode and Address and click on Continue to payment.

Billing Address

(8) On the Card Details page, enter your payment details and choose Pay now.

Select Pay now

(9) You have successfully created a BT Sport account.

Alternate Method to Stream BT Sport on Roku

Roku supports screen mirroring, so you can use this feature to mirror the BT Sport to Roku.

How to Setup Screen Mirroring on Roku

(1) Turn on your Roku device and tap Home on your remote.

(2) Select Settings and choose System.

Select System to Install BT Sport on Roku

(3) Choose Screen mirroring and select Screen mirroring mode available on screen mirroring.

Select Screen mirroring and choose Screen mirroring mode to Install BT Sport on Roku

(4) To allow screen mirroring on Roku, select the Prompt or Always Allow option.

Screen Mirror BT Sport on Roku Using Android

For this purpose, you should connect your Roku and Android device to the same WIFI network.

(1) Launch the BT Sport app on your Android device.

(2) Then log in with BT ID that carries a BT Sport subscription.

(3) From the library, play a live event that you want to watch.

BT Sport Phone

(4) Once it starts playing, select the Screen Mirroring icon and choose your Roku device.

(5) The video is now projected to your Roku TV.

Screen Mirror BT Sport on Roku from Windows

Before you begin, connect your Roku and Windows desktop or laptop to the same WIFI network.

(1) Launch your PC and open any web browser.

(2) Go to the BT Sport official website (bt.com/sport).

(3) Then click on My BT and select Log In. Enter your BT ID and Password and click Log in to My BT.

Select Log in to My BT

(4) Next, open the Action Center on your Windows PC and click Connect.

(5) Further, click the Connect to Wireless Display option. If the option is not available, go to Settings and search for the option.

(5) Choose your Roku device from the list of available devices and select OK.

(6) The contents on your screen will be mirrored to your Roku.

(7) Select the videos you want and enjoy watching them on Roku.

BT Sport

Note: As an alternative, you can install FloSports on Roku which offers both live and on-demand sports-oriented content.


How to get BT Sport for free?

You have to become a BT Broadband customer to access BT Sport for free. After that, you can visit the official website or use the BT Sport app to stream.