BT Sport is a pay television sports channel. It is provided by BT Consumer, a subsidiary of BT Group which is located in the United Kingdom and Ireland. With the BT Sport app, you can stream live matches from UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UFC, National League, European Rugby Challenge Cup, and more. BT Sport also has shared rights over Scottish Professional Football League. BT Sport is available on Roku and you can install BT Sports on Roku using the methods available here.

BT Sport

Features of BT Sport

  • You can live stream BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport 3, and more on HD.
  • Has the ability to Chromecast onto the big screen in 4K HDR.
  • Enjoy watching selected events on Virtual Reality 360 for a more immersive experience.
  • You can catch up with on-demand BT Sport programs.
  • Gives you an array of video clips, including highlights, interviews, and more.

How to Install BT Sport on Roku

(1) Press Home on your remote and select Streaming Channels.

Select Streaming channels to Install BT Sport on Roku

(2) Choose Search Channels and enter BT Sport. Select BT Sport from the search results.

Enter BT Sport to install BT Sport on Roku

(3) Select Add channel to add BT Sport on Roku.

(4) Choose OK to confirm. You have installed BT Sport on Roku.

(5) Now, click the Go to Channel button to open the BT Sport app.

(6) Sign in with your BT Sport account and stream the live matches on your Roku.

How to Create a BT Sport Account

If you don’t have a BT Sport account, follow the steps below to create an account.

(1) Open the browser on your PC and enter BT Sport in the search bar.

(2) Choose BT Sports Official website and select any video that says Log In on the top left side of that video.

select any video

(3) Select Get BT Sport on the new page that appears.

Select Get BT Sport

(4) Select the plan you prefer. Then, click Continue.

Select Add and continue

(5) On the Create an account page, enter your email and password and select Continue.

Create Continue

(6) On the Your details page, fill in the details like Name, DOB, and more and select Continue.

Select Continue

(7) On the Billing address page, enter your Postcode and Address and click on Continue to payment.

Billing Address

(8) On the Card Details page, enter your payment details and choose Pay now.

Select Pay now

(9) You have created a BT Sport account.

Alternate Method to Stream BT Sport on Roku

Roku supports screen mirroring and use can use the screen mirroring option available on your devices to mirror the BT Sport to Roku.

How to Setup Screen Mirroring on Roku

(1) Turn on your Roku device and tap Home on your remote.

(2) Select Settings and choose System.

Select System to Install BT Sport on Roku

(3) Choose Screen mirroring and select Screen mirroring mode available on screen mirroring.

Select Screen mirroring and choose Screen mirroring mode to Install BT Sport on Roku

(4) To allow screen mirroring on Roku, select the Prompt or Always Allow option.

How to Screen Mirror BT Sport on Roku Using Smartphones

(1) On your smartphone, go to Notification Panel.

(2) Select the Screen Mirroring icon and choose your Roku device.

(3) The contents on the screen will be mirrored to your Roku device.

(4) Launch BT Sport app. You can also download it from Play Store.

(5) Select Shows you want and enjoy watching them on Roku.

BT Sport Phone

How to Screen Mirror BT Sport on Roku Using PC

(1) Launch your PC and open any web browser.

(2) Enter BT Sport in the search bar and choose BT Sports Official website.

(3) Go to My BT and select Log In. Enter your BT ID and Password and click on Log in to MY BT.

Select Log in to My BT

(4) Go to Notification Panel on your PC.

(5) Click Connect to Wireless Display option. If the option is not available, go to Settings and search for the option.

(5) Choose your Roku device from the list of available devices and select OK.

(6) The contents on your screen will be mirrored to your Roku.

(7) Select the videos you want and enjoy watching them on Roku.

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(1) Can I watch BT Sport on Roku?

Customers of BT Sports can access BT Sports on Roku at no additional cost.

(2) Can you get the BT Sport app on Roku?

Yes, the BT Sport app is available on Roku.